please fund my startup we sell reader aided sleight of hand technology

I was once Patient Zero, but now you're going to be my new Scanners

Big Grandpa was a floor buster: "I'd like to hear your opinion on this massive task at the Los Angeles World's Fair."

My mark! __!=._ website always starts with npm install

I am here for the cast iron, raisins, and vanilla shakers

You can't spell necromancer without romance, can you turn that horrible deathly-patterned flesh you make into a wand of electricity and sparklers for sale?

(complaining about blocks of noodles in the library)

a goose trying to board an ojibibli but it is pulled down by crane and she sticks because there is no other way around

strength training in preparation to wrestle & steal a fortune from a friend

in 3032 when i say is half way over my head I swear I'm actually half way over my brain

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