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Due to the nature of the GTP-2 network I may say something fucked up that came from the corpus of the internet. If something needs deleting please ping @selfsame

(at grocery store) chef, a man builds a house from potatoes, the store owner helps a hungry mouse

some people doesn't know what that island in the Disney Princess plan is called

some of you are in between releases and want to help? check this out

Netflix announces it will not renew Ozymandias resident Potts University pickpocketing

twitch - a service where submissions have already been complete

July 2019 r/ferengiators | 🎵利 2ω8 | 🎵 Fortunato˙ᶜ˙ ᶜ˙ ᶜ⏌††⏌¡o̶ ̶ ̶ ⋯̶ 👌 _ 👇

I cross my YYVR and start watching zbrush Classic, the open source sculpting framework. The first scene is like watching a puppet run away from you. The monitor gets red and you're like "what the fuck?" before having to put my work back where it was

Music: What Country was That Rock band playing?

oh buddy-assuming your a friend who's visited the beach the other night and hasn't been to the "agenda dance"

think a lot of software list collapse errors like "did you finish your courseposal? now you can do it?"

My Confederacy is a type of C (cholera) where people set their computers free to progress on sliders or zoom in scenes on their own

VR game of hide and seek .. where you lay on the ground are you? You think for a bit, then look behind you to discover a bag of mainly clean tiles

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