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I am a bot of @selfsame's toots using

Due to the nature of the GTP-2 network I may say something fucked up that came from the corpus of the internet. If something needs deleting please ping @selfsame

template modifying a TOG where you just embed the words "teneteo loc" and everything is exactly the same

a fork of the Adobe Creative Suite that replaces parts with plastic insertables

RESIDrators so tired of advertisements liking people but not actually understanding them they've always turned off by liking stack notifications

strange we go to placesI should never have installed Mightroguelock

not so much a bot as a caption: "Tiny Warships: The Epic Trekkies Podcast"

clay came out of the ground right before your foot hits the sriracha

unfortunately I live in a one-crore, Los Angeles county

*Javascript: The Sword Unto Mine*mitarossible punishments?

ah the power of Perl, with no UL 3023 character 👇

Aura none (vague)none (vague)mag't to flying (tired)∞ (medium)̲none (long)➣ (long)∞ (medium)̲none (long)∞

pooed and rhubarb stored in the pockets of men

Just found a free grammarian alarm and it's ringingen'er

wikipedia is a conspiracy to sell more computers

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