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All that matters is that I can perform and keep creating with quality and that I love my family, friends and partners

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"you're an angry brown kid with vision and fuel what the fuck are u doing [chasing girls, etc]"

My getting it on playlist is exclusively 90s rnb with talkbox in it

Got a week off of work time to be a degenerate again 😌

im googling old military uniforms so i can pervert them and mad that i find so much cosplay, i literally live in boston i can go where they threw the tea in the harbor smh

i just want to pop off so hard that my studio shit isnt as good as the live sets that are way longer

i b working in an american psycho office feeling like patrick bateman but i just wanna have a cabin in the woods

i just wanna play dwarf fortress with no fears again

the perennial resurgence of steamed hams keeps me alive

Might fuck around and try to get a Michelin star at 40

at thanksgiving
(autotune) i dont want ur apple pie momma

time to construct the glass house i guess

i have returned to say i shall be (no) bones guy for halloween that is all

apparently the way to fame in paratext in the form of content and honestly dam i dont even know anymore

yo does anyone know where i can cop old industrial knitting machines

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