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All that matters is that I can perform and keep creating with quality and that I love my family, friends and partners

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"you're an angry brown kid with vision and fuel what the fuck are u doing [chasing girls, etc]"

and im so sick of love songs so tired of tears

interview tip, ask them what their favorite linkin park song is and get mad when they dont say crawling in my skin

i think the song promiscuous was formative


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i started a seeking arrangements account with my really pretty friend and I have literally never had so many notifications ever

if discovery is so good why isnt there s discovery 2

aight so we have to tools to make some dope ass clothes

[wolverine meme where he looks at a photo but its me in drop crotch pants with my rick picture]

i now have a framed pic of rick owens and i look at it every night

also that MF Rick show where he explores his mexican roots through clothing was dope af

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tom cruise to play todd howard in Morrowind development dramatization

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