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All that matters is that I can perform and keep creating with quality and that I love my family, friends and partners

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"you're an angry brown kid with vision and fuel what the fuck are u doing [chasing girls, etc]"

apparently the way to fame in paratext in the form of content and honestly dam i dont even know anymore

yo does anyone know where i can cop old industrial knitting machines

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time to recreate the entire smiths discography so that ppl can listen to the smiths but not morrissey

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no more cringe i openly discuss embarrassing stories now

alcohol mention, xd rawr mention 

found the most xd rawr liquor yesterday, looked like what playing second life when it came out looks like or the sims in 2008

sometimes i wish for the return of the xd era and then someone sends me xd and usually im glad were past it

got a new mattress bc my other one was from 1996

if I texu w-y-d you better not text me h-e-y i better get a HIIIIIIIIIII with a bunch of i's

kanye watching dunkey is probably the best part about 2021

weird seeing my wacky soundcloud favorite songs years ago become tiktok songs

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