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All that matters is that I can perform and keep creating with quality and that I love my family, friends and partners

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"you're an angry brown kid with vision and fuel what the fuck are u doing [chasing girls, etc]"

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i wish someone ghostwrote chance's music bc damn that man has no creativity

i feel shame for making this but i gotta post it somewhere now

u ever take viagra and wear skinny jeans just to show em what ur working w

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i feel like old women hit on me and idk how to feel

Yesterday I met the most wonderous high elf, usually I would spit upon such n'wahs but their garb was magnificent that is a high elf to be friends with

I saw an outlander today, she gave me a compliment and I felt a bond towards the outlander greater than a mother's bond, she disappeared and so was all of my gold, I hope to see her again

This is now a telvanni kwama egg harvesting account

dude imagine thinking we are the world was a good idea lmao

and im so sick of love songs so tired of tears

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