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All that matters is that I can perform and keep creating with quality and that I love my family, friends and partners

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"you're an angry brown kid with vision and fuel what the fuck are u doing [chasing girls, etc]"

Has anyone ever had a fist fight in the dome at mit

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If I shit talk noam chomsky loud enough he might hear it and fight me, there's actually a non zero chance of this

just wanna do some fuck shit in public, not just some fuck shit in traders joes like once every two months

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If I were a morrowind character I'd be an ash vampire

Bro who let's me not prepare for presentations

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Dam it's been a while since I've had a crowd of ppl side eye me at a trader joes

I'm kinda passive, still aggressive as fuck tho

I am no longer sad on the internet only mad

ayo any mit kids wanna let me use ur library card

Listened to love deluxe for the first time yesterday, can confirm would be good music to put headphones on and listen to while she suck

In other news I've started designing shoes on a last and not just in illustrator

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