i deeply respect having a homepage that's a ~ and not a unique domain

was grumbling to myself about having to open masto threads in a browser to read and save† them properly—but that's good actually. the less some website trys to trap you within it the better

† not super keen on masto's bookmarks as a long-term solution

also why've i never heard 'mix disc' before... heard 'mix tape' and 'mix cd'...

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I should share that mix disc I made my brothers for Christmas omake.

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hello @looptober pals ~ i released a thing that contains many of my submissions. thanks for keeping me going all looptober, y'all are wonderful.


when was the last time i brushed my teeth?

when was the last time _you_ brushed my teeth, mate

gemini links work in next release of masto, my pals

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portable word processors, long 

Does anyone have experience with portable word processing devices? I'm thinking of getting one, or something that could function as one. The Freewrite has e-ink and a very clicky keyboard, which I like, but is way too expensive and kind of ugly. I might be able to get a QuickPad or Tandy for a reasonable price but worry about compatibility with modern PCs. The forthcoming Clockwork DevTerm looks great and does a few other things that makes it interesting but is definitely on the very high end of what I might be willing to spend... AlphaSmarts are more common and well documented but the keyboard... does not please me :( So far as I can tell anyways. Are there any others I should look into? as a reward for reading this long post here is a charming Tandy review. youtube.com/watch?v=AnYlVB7Od8

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🤦‍♀️ are you kidding me?

IEC, ISO and ITU celebrate World Standards Day on 2020-10-14, but ANSI celebrates the same day a week later.

src: gmb.21x2.net/archive/202010/14

hacking the 3ds and thimgs related to that means i've had a week using weird windows tools and i don't miss it. every single one has it's own ideas bad about how to do things, which makes linux feel so understandable in comparison. windows cli tools are extra weird.

just one of those weeks that make me glad i ditched windows. also used 'ls > [filename]' a bunch yesterday and i dunno how i woulda done that there even. probably would had to download and install some thing 📯

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been using the gnu ftp cli tool to send / get stuff from my newly hacked 3ds and it's perfect for that. only ever used gui ones before (filezilla, cuteftp). this gives you a little ftp shell and you can use regular 'ls' and 'cd' commands and stuff.

haven't actually needed ftp in years, mostly because of webdav and ssh and scp i guess.

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One of my favorite #OSM - based map projects, Native-Land.ca. It's already known by many, though it continues to grow and metamorphize ... Shows #territory, #language and #treaty #geospatial information.

#Indigenous #geopolitics #geospatial #history #Cartography #countermapping


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white people don't hate racism, they hate being reminded that racism exists.

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I've spent the whole day so far by messing around with python-for-android. (Yes, I'm trying to build an android version of #rba .)
Everything runs fine until Gradle (some java app) tries to download some dependencies to build the apk-file. Looks like the build fails because the TLS-Handshake dosn't work. I can download the files with wget without a problem, so I guess it must be a problem with Gradle or the jre.
Does anybody in the fediverse have an idea? I'm kinda frustrated right now.

Been meaning to do a proper post about this from another account, but in the mean time I reckon MarMOTS, a collaborative ANSI drawing thing over telnet is of interest to the tildesphere, so:

- marmots.glorioustrainwrecks.co
- bitbucket.org/SpindleyQ/marmot

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You put your command in the horse’s mouth and gently nudge it down the tube, which it slides through at hypersonic speed.

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SSH stands for Smooth Slippery Horse, which is what transfers commands between computers.

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Why does my keepass suddenly look bad.

gnome, have you snuck in here again.

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