Been meaning to do a proper post about this from another account, but in the mean time I reckon MarMOTS, a collaborative ANSI drawing thing over telnet is of interest to the tildesphere, so:


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You put your command in the horse’s mouth and gently nudge it down the tube, which it slides through at hypersonic speed.

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SSH stands for Smooth Slippery Horse, which is what transfers commands between computers.

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Why does my keepass suddenly look bad.

gnome, have you snuck in here again.

themed instance where every post has to include a flower

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The Gemini Wiki is now online: gemini://

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'Daily driver' just makes me think of golf.

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Oooo. Going through the Gemini mailing list and it led me to this browser, which is as close to my dream browser as I've found?

HTTP, Gemini, Gopher... supports lots of MIME types, gives yo ua nice page outline...

Would just love to see support for things like DAT, FTP... but might be beyond their goals.

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Case in point: This fucking bullshit, in which MS tramples an existing Linux project's trademark and, when this is brought to their attention, tell everyone to just calm down:

Is Bombadillo my new fave client???

YES! Shocking!! It doesn't even have cute little icons to designate what kinds of things are linked to!

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I'm streaming #lispgamejam development over lunch! (Until 3:30 EST)

I am going to be adding player logic to the game, including:
- The Player State Machine
- Collisions
- Controls

#pixelart #neon #cat

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I've just moved my Haskell URL library "HURL" over to my homeserver and added a README & some ISSUES. If you want, I could do with some help on:

* HTTP(S) caching - could be developed as a seperate Haskell module.
* Integration of new network protocols like:
> ftp(s): - via `ftp-client` or others.
> magnet: - via `bittorrent`.
> gopher:
> @solderpunk 's gemini:
> @cwebber 's idsc:/mdsc: "Datashards"

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wow sending ascii art by repeatedly curling a page with the user agent set to each line of the art actually works lmao

we don't need another heeero
i don't know the rest of the wooooords

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