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Website notifications are the browser toolbars of 2019.

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finally going through that masto thread on bbj and gunna follow a bunch of people :)

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And while I'm in the #gopher brain zone I think Little Gopher Client:--


--has become my fave goph browser. Really like the sidebar map and easy to get-at bookmarks.

I've been having a nice time hanging out in the tildeverse IRC recently.

Really need to get a bouncer setup, mb mess with ZNC today

LB: thought that might interest some tildepals

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LOW TECH WEBRING... cutoff to be in the first batch of sites I add is JANUARY 5TH!! Then every few months or so I will do another batch so I update on a regular schedule rather than in bits and pieces. If you have an HTML based homepage or similar with a focus on small games and web 1.0 creativity, let me know your URL and how you would like to be listed! The banner will look like this and I will send you the code to add to your site sometime in January.

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Before I ask the glorious hivemind of Super Dimensional Fortress, I ask here for any useful #gopher cgi-bin scripts a beginner can use for her #phlog: conversion to #RSS feed, guestbook, etc.

I think I finally have a cool ~ project! Really excited to maybe have something fun to share with my townies soooo!!??

Just come across @nossidge 's ace 'Which Tildee Are You' quiz (via the webring)!


I'm fold:

Gosh that reminds me that I haven't updated my tilde html or gopher pages in ages—

Really enjoying usolitaire!

Haven't tried the new botany feature, but keen to :)

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I'm going to boost a game I made for someone, look-out!

@rjt Very dissapointed that the text doesn't exist in 3-D space though.

Toot toot tilde.town pals. Here's a screenshot of me visiting the gohpers via GopherVR :) tiny.tilde.website/media/Iin6e

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