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I'm here for like two weeks. It feels much better than constantly being on Facebook. I'm calmer and more present.

But I really miss my #yarn and #handspinning tribe. I have noone to really share this passion with in real life, and there seems to be like I'm the only mastodon user in this niche.
Maybe I should not care and just create. It just feels a bit lonely like this.

Or maybe I'm just too stupid to navigate the #fediverse. But I'm really not that geeky Person...


my fav kinds of architecture

inane dream log 

dreamt i was staying in a hotel in a skyscraper

there was an earthquake and it fell over

i was thrown out of it onto the road and impossibly survived

a cop that was there told me to get out of the street

spent the rest of the dream thinking "this was nothing like those dreams i had of being in a falling building" and trying to make my phone find a news report so that i could go toot the same, with details

but dream phone ui is even more frustrating to use than real phone ui

Raspberry Pi recycling scheme, boosts welcome 

heyo, fellow Raspberry Pi folks: OKDO are partnering with Sony to run a recycling scheme for used Raspis, so if you've got e.g. an OG Pi1 sitting around that you don't know what to do with (like I do), you can send it to them to be refurbished and/or recycled in exchange for a £10 off orders over £15 voucher!

I talk a lot about how most people live in resource overshoot, more and more depending on how close you are to the hearts of settler-colonialism.

Part of why we, individuals, are able to do this is because the cost of our way of life is hidden from us to the point of being erased, by subsidies and market manipulation.

According to this report, fossil fuels receive an injection of roughly $11,000,000 a minute in order to maintain their low prices for our society.


That number seems big but think about this:

Jeff Bezos is really harmful to society, right, even though most of his money is just in investments, not like, actively being used to burn oil as fast as possible?

He's only receiving about $150,000 a minute, or roughly 1.5% of the resources oil gets.

Put another way, oil receives 66x more in funding than Jeff Bezos... just in donations from governments and banks!!


Our dependency on petroleum, as a conglomeration of societies, cannot be over-emphasized.

i've been getting lots of use out of a locally hosted single-page tiddlywiki for personal organization purposes

but sometimes i want to jot a note on it when i'm out

yesterday i converted it to "server mode" and stuck it on my tiny cloud box (behind nginx proxy_pass which wraps it in https and a password) so now i can access it from anywhere 🎉

but its default nodejs backend eats 20% of the total ram to do what is essentially webdav 😬

gotta find a replacement for that

"[...] Facebook sent me a cease-and-desist letter. The company demanded that I take down the tool. It also told me that it had permanently disabled my Facebook account ... Pointing to a provision in its terms of service that purports to bind even former users of Facebook, Facebook also demanded that I never again create a tool that interacts with Facebook or its many other services in any way."

(Note: No need to share that you deleted your account, sport. So did I.)

there's so much of zuck's face in my tl recently

i wish it were in the feed of all my friends who still haven't left facebook, instead

i get that we shouldn't mock him for his appearance when there's so much evil shit to criticize him for instead

but his face makes me angry

can't we cw him for that

cw: an uneaten billionaire

created a materialized view, and the same with some indexes, for the first time ever today, and it does the job well

tfw you want to love this sci fi story, its got no stupid ass old white man isms, the setting is your jam, but the writing is just utterly without personality

they should do a spooky halloween event at the local dead mall and call it "the dead mall"

Get off Facebook. Get off every Facebook service. Block Facebook. Don't work for Facebook. Don't provide services to Facebook. Find every way you can to get them out of your life and support others in doing the same.

They are ethically indefensible.

shop talk 

haven't considered clojure to be 'cool' for a while now but I have to admit it is an absolute workhorse for UI

divination by reading the entrails of ritually slaughtered vegetables

why can't it be cool, dark, gently thunder-storming with heat-lightning, like it is now, all the time? that's all i really want

i only learned of facebook being down after it had come back up, from chortling about it on the fediverse

filter bubble quality: not bad

Somebody once told me
You looked just like the girlfriend
I used to have when September ends
She was looking kind of dumb
but her warm smell of colitas
never gonna run around and desert you

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