juxtaposition of tech recruiter spam (fuck off forever already aws) and fedi friends struggling to find jobs is really grating

not that i would encourage anyone to enjoy a gafam career but i do wish i could help people to take bezos' money as a step up to better employment

especially since recruiters are so crocodile-tears about being able to find workers (hire and train juniors then, you shitheels)

if anybody wants me to give their contact info and resume to assholes lmk

I don't begrudge them for it, but kinda alarmed by the number of friends who think I shouldn't have ditched my Facebook account.

Full time #remoteworkers / #telecommuters, what's your arrangement?

@pbx i chose "dedicated office room," but it's not dedicated to my employer; i don't have separate spaces for work versus non-work computer-touching

(i do however have separate user accounts on my workstation for myself and my worksona)


me next month: somebody's got mondays all up in their butt-crack

all my coworkers: excuse me!! what!!

me: you know... "a case of the mondays," isn't that what that means?

coworkers: ...

me: i can't remember who told me that but i'm sure it's true

oh maybe these are both only the first book (gideon the ninth), first half and second half

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til gideon the ninth and its sequel have been translated to japanese!

my favorite books in the whole universe, and they have a mere four ratings on amazon jp!?

i encouraged my beloved to buy and read them to see what she thinks, maybe we can get a fifth five star review up there

started a page to document my kleks-alike keyboard build:

no recent progress there since last toot, but i felt an impulse to begin collecting "project progress logs" into my website, and more photos too

i want to do one for the xmpp server i set up too, despite nothing really novel or crafty going on there

just to say "i replaced shitty gchat with prosody, conversations and conversejs and it's fantastic and i love it and you should try it"

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They called it the "eee" PC cause that was the sound you made when you picked up a teeny baby laptop running Linux in 2009

is there a xianxia drama where the protagonist can do martial arts and flick ethereal swords from the keys of their heavenly spiritual instrument, the roland tr-808

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finally finished the last episode of the untamed and arrrrrghhhh

thank goodness the third mdzs book is supposed to be out this tuesday

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well i think my workarounds for this quoted-path complexity haven't left me with a giant remote-execution security hole in my static git forge

so now instead of a reinvented wheel replacement for git-shell i have a wrapper around a bunch of commands invoked by git-shell 👍

next up:
- finish off unimplemented commands
- clean up site publication
- gist-like users-only pastebin, pastes create repos
- ideas for pull request workflow
- blog writeup

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@m455 i've heard that glib is not forwards-compatible but it is backwards-compatible, so the other way around should work: if you compile your static binary against the older libc it should be able to run on both the systems with the older and the newer version of libc installed

also here's how i compile rust programs against an older libc, i run cargo build in a docker container based on an older debian release than the one i'm running:


never expected the most difficult programming challenge i'd face in months would be safely unquoting a string in a shell script!

writing a "simple" wrapper for git-shell that manipulates and tests the repository path, which "is always quoted with single-quotes"

i don't want to 'eval' or otherwise execute it, in case it contains "; rm -rf /" or something

most succinct solution i have so far is to give up on shell and do it with regex in a better language

@CarlCravens @abbienormal that's interesting! but mine's not mysterious. fell asleep sitting at my desk, awoke with a start, and "gave myself whiplash" says my doctor. most of the pain went away with physical therapy but without a high back chair working for hours is uncomfortable

My fedi timeline is basically a spectrum between people who eat and breathe computers and people who do nothing but ride bikes and garden and I am trying to live my life in the dead middle

today hacker news is talking about goats so instead of getting huffy in the comments I am going to share goat facts with y'all

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