civil engineering implies barbaric engineering

« #Solar Protocol is a #web platform hosted across a network of solar-powered servers set up in different locations around the world […] When connected as a network, the servers coordinate to serve a website from whichever of them is enjoying the most sunshine at the time » ☀️

moxie seems to believe there are only two options for how services can be hosted: self-hosting or commercial hosting.

completely ignoring community hosting.

that reinforces my feel that community hosting is one of the biggest advantages of fedi.

(he is absolutely right that #web3 is crap, of course)

oh thank goodness, i found the words that wedged the phrase "community hosting" so firmly in my brain. highly recommended read:

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moxie said nobodys ever gonna run their own servers

that prompted a lot of pushback on fedi, just have to make it easy to do so

but also floated around this time was the idea of "community hosting"

and that stuck with me and is really resonating, i want to reexamine all my projects with that in mind,

- how to design towards federation
- it's good actually if you "don't scale" because you want to limit the size of each instance

who coined this?

back when i was on hellsite i'd see neighbors engaging in this bewildering alien behavior of complaining to their tl that their follower count had recently decreased

we don't do that here right? if i unfollow you, you're not gonna notice your numbers change and feel all bad about it right? you don't actually carry around in your brain today's follower count right?

(especially ridiculous on birdsite where most of your friends are corporations, sockpuppets, and bots)

👨 i can't program this treadmill to do my couch-to-5k program without installing a huge app AND creating an account?? which may require a credit card!?

🧠 let's run the bluetooth hci snoop thing and reverse engineer the protocol so we can make it do what we want without silicon valley iot shit

👨 yeah! i def want to do that, okay let's shove that to-do into our pile of projects somewhere

🧠 i meant like, right now, let's research this instead of doing the agonizing exercise

👨 so tempting but no

@technomancy on one hand haha but on the other don't give the universe any ideas, microsoft-activision-disney-blizzard-square-enix doesn't sound too far fetched for this shit timeline

companies should have to pay us billions of dollars to take over normal words as their stupid names

this is old news but in addition to microsoft eating activision blizzard, just learned that

square is pulling a facebook and changing its name to "block" as in "blockchain"

also its changing the name of its cryptocurrency thing to "spiral"

also did not know until today that twitter ex ceo jack is ceo of square and total cryptobro

ok time to stuff the cotton back in my ears and pretend none of this shit exists

@art netfilter tables (a modern way to build a firewall on a Linux box, successor to iptablrs, uses the 'nft' command)

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