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Microzon Facegopple
Amasoft Gooplook
Amazook Microgoople
Goozon MicroFapp

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I love the hypocrisy of Microzon Facegoopple and their ilk regarding #GDPR and similar regulations.

Corp: Selling user data is ok and users are perfectly fine with it, because they get their personalized ads. Precious precious personalized ads.

EU: Ok, then show them this information clearly and ask them for consent explicitly.


EU: Wait, I thought users wanted it? You wouldn't be lying about that, would you, eh?

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And finally, you can control who gets what.

Note the list of partner consists of 322 (not a typo: three hundreds and thirty two) entries. You have to uncheck them one by one.

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Just published an interview with @cwebber , one of my very favorite people in this space. We have had the honor of eating sushi and burritos together at various times.

#ActivityPub #MediaGoblin

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So like

If websites etc really cared about our privacy etc wouldn't they already have had privacy policies that adhere to, if not exceed, GDPR standards?

:thaenkin: :thonking:

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It's interesting to me that "emoticon" and "emoji" look so similar but are etymologically unrelated.

"emoticon" - "emotion" + "icon"

"emoji" - η΅΅ ("e", meaning "picture" or "art") + ζ–‡ε­— ("moji", meaning "(written) character" or "kana")

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The real benefit of GDPR is I get emails reminding me of all the sites I have to delete my account on.
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yo, looking for a software job? have 3-5 years of web dev experience? my team at github is very nice and we're hiring~

i lowkey _love_ gdpr

my mug of corporatey tears has never been this full

it is giving me life

fervently hoping for mass business carnage, lawsuits tying companies in knots, limbs and organs of giant corporations and garbage startups alike strewn about the smouldering marketplace

cmonnn eu force those c-suite executives to purchase one fewer yacht this quarter, so good πŸ˜™πŸ‘Œ

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Remember when we trusted software? When people said things like "don't install things from that site, they're probably viruses" and "I won't use software from them anymore, they put in ads and broke my trust."
Now it's all "install this app, it's absolutely spyware and adware and was written by some techbro in a basement motivated by nothing but quick money, but your phone's sandboxing should protect you from having your phone taken over or personal information stolen"

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"If everything was legal for like twenty-four hours I'd start a communal garden."
#thepurge #purge #latestagecapitalism

i'm getting better at aws and it doesn't feel as terrible as i was dreading

now to figure out how to use the billionaire's tools to dismantle the billionaire's house

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TIL it is not only possible to have a database where the database servers can't tell which records clients are accessing (this is called Private Information Retrieval and is already pretty cool)... not only that, but it's possible to do that while splitting the database across multiple servers in such a way that the servers can't learn anything about any data in the database! Also you can efficiently identify servers that give you wrong answers, and tolerate faults.

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It is such a great pity that this new generation is growing in an era where physical access to machines is rather less-than-granted, everything is moving away to the "magical cloud" and they have less chance to make gigantic mistakes before they turn 18.

Raspberry Pi is doing something but the problem is that many use computers in school under severely limited accounts and are even spied upon ("nannyware").

therecently, i hooked up a usb isp programmer to the pro micro and made the mistake of connecting its vcc pin to the pin marked vcc on the pro micro (i should have connected it to "raw.")

the pro micro started smoking!

welp, this means i can go back to using a 5v

so i got that put together and decided to try connecting a 5 cent speaker. did, enabled the option in the firmware, and now my ergonomic wireless mechanical keyboard plays a happy song when it turns on! it was surprisingly simple!

why isn't the standard dry spaghetti noodle sized to fit into a normal size pot without bending/breaking?

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Ah, I've long wanted to see the Jargon file without seeing ESR's "additions", and here it is:

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fucked up that people keep reinventing stuff and building tons of ways of doing the same thing because people don't want to use lots of small apps to do one task since operating systems aren't actually particularly good at it, and we dont have that douglas adams "you can drag any icon from any toolbar into any other program" thing yet, and the best way we have of making programs work with each other is pumping text between them like its 50 years ago. fucked up if true. which it is true. its fuck

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#notallgooglers are ok with assisting in drone assassinations but the dozen resigning employees is a minuscule fraction of the company's 70,000 total. This means that nearly all Googlers have no ethical problems with the military use of drones or the president having a personal kill list. Maybe they could even add some AI to help with collating and sorting that list, for maximum efficiency.