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brain: hey i got a great idea
me: busy
brain: it'll change the world
me: later
brain: it'll fix all the things you hate about the internet
me: okay fine what is it
brain: so it's just like this except
me: gtfo

me: what is it, brain, can't you see I have a lot to do?

brain: i maked these

[trips, giant xanadu-esque all-thought-consuming abstract unrealistic blue-sky project ideas spill all over the table]

while adjusting my motorized sit/stand desk, the cord caught on something and ripped itself off of its control box!

and there's no documentation of which pads each wire connected to

so i took it apart, traced the schematic, made a logic diagram, experimented a bit, soldered it back together. worked on the first try!

granted this is trivial; the problem involved no signals to decode or voltages to measure. still feels good for this novice to repair and be able to apply logic to something real

even though I got the "wide" version my aeropress does not fit my new coffee mug

I'm not into the anthro art scene but

BeOS (and now Haiku) implements e-mail like this: the list of e-mails is just your file browser; Haiku's "attributes" provides e-mail specific columns. Opening one of those files launches a viewer app. (Usually 'Mail' but the user can change it)

Your address book? Also just a directory, with address-book-appropriate "attributes."

Your music library? Same

I think it's tragic that we've abandoned this kind of convergence to work within a powerful hierarchical data-table browser widget.

remember back when the gnome file manager (nautilus) had a plugin architecture that let you ''view as music" so it would become a media player upon opening a directory full of media files

How to make pixel-crisp lines in Inkscape

They say it is inevitable but tonight was the first time I experienced sparks and smoke from a circuit board!

I plugged this new battery into a lipo charger, plugged that into the wall USB port, and it immediately crackled and started smoking! Wow!

Turns out that even though I measured that the voltage was similar, I tested using the wire colors and didn't notice they were in reversed positions in the connector. Yikes! ⚡️🔥

even though i know that it's literally the exact same thing as the lithium polymer batteries i'm using now somehow it just feels cooler to say

my use fuel packs made for frickin racing drones 😎

Comparison of old TrackPoint module scavenged off a broken ThinkPad and two new TrackPoint modules. The markings on the ICs on both of the new stock seem intentionally obscured, that's a bit sketchy

Old: $8 incl. dead keyboard
New: $40 each

A TrackPoint stick-mouse module I harvested off a disgusting broken heavily used ThinkPad keyboard I got off eBay, for my friend @vilmibm.

Cleaned out the flecks of human skin, sand, and breadcrumbs, (please let these not be insect eggs,) soldered off the flex cable, tore it down and wiped everything with alcohol. We're gonna (try to) hack it into his ErgoDox!

The keyboard this came off of was $8 including shipping. Compare to $40 new--if you can find a dealer!

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I'm an novice and I like . I recently built a Mitosis:

But a flaw in the firmware makes it use too much power. Should run ~6 months on its coin cell, but I get only 1-2. Even after that gets fixed I feel bad to consume batteries.

So I studied the schematic, and tonight built little adapters for LiPoly rechargeables. And they work!!

In hindsight this is trivial but when you've never done it before, it feels awesome to make a thing go😎