i knew ipv6 address space was big but i did not realize so much of it was still unassigned, reserved by ietf

image from bl.ocks.org/vasturiano/ba0bdc2

til if you're already running nginx to do static content on your tiny cloud box and you want to play around with this newfangled gemini thing but you don't want to install a server, you can just whack some lines of configuration into your nginx and now it's a fricken gemini server too 😎


yay it lives!

in this video:
- can't ssh in because firewall
- go to orbital.rodeo/doorbell
- click the button
- now i have access

built this using:
- rust-fastcgi
- inotifywait
- bash
- grep
- nftables

this is intended not really for security but to prevent ssh scanning bots from filling my connection logs with garbage

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behold, my second-ever useful rust program 😎

sorry for the screenshot of code, i broke my home-brew git forge and haven't had time to stand it up again

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only got aoc day 1 part 1 done before i ran outta brain tonight but i learned how to do rust unit and integration tests, and i tdd'd it

my text file parser is ugly but i like my main solver function

really excited about rust Iterators

ahaha look at this shit. this utter fucking garbage. the result of all the money in the world and an army of ivy league phd's. google, on top of being morally reprehensible you also produce shit software

you know where i've never experienced this problem? calls over xmpp

thinking about entity-relationship diagrams.

with a many-to-many relationship between tables a1 and b1, you can draw,

a1 ∋-∈ b1

but if you explicitly show the "join table" between them, then the crow-ends sortof switch direction:

a2 -∈j∋- b2

this feels pretty uncomfortable, like i've misunderstood something or the notation is inadequate

i've been getting lots of use out of a locally hosted single-page tiddlywiki for personal organization purposes tiddlywiki.com/

but sometimes i want to jot a note on it when i'm out

yesterday i converted it to "server mode" and stuck it on my tiny cloud box (behind nginx proxy_pass which wraps it in https and a password) so now i can access it from anywhere 🎉

but its default nodejs backend eats 20% of the total ram to do what is essentially webdav 😬

gotta find a replacement for that

til "tacking," turning your sailboat back and forth which somehow lets you crawl it into the wind 🤯

til "rotor ship" which uses giant spinning cylinders instead of sails as wind-based propulsion 🤯🤯🤯 en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rotor_sh

tyvm @rek for sending me down this wikipedia-path

on the subject of usb-c have you seen pcb-only usb ports? scribe the right sigils into your circuit board design program and choose the right thickness and you can just plug a cable straight into your pcb with no port hardware

i ❤️❤️❤️ hacks like this

pictured here in @deshipu's fluff m0 project hackaday.io/project/171381-flu

invented by juan jesús pinuaga github.com/Pinuct/Eagle_PCB_US

for a split second i thought this said fucken pizza and i was so excited

i dont remember buying anything from "AI NOPE" but now that i know they exist their name makes me want to see what else they have on offer

thats right you damn hooligan golf punks take your polo shirt and khaki wearin ass back to the country club
fuckin menace to decent people is what you are

solved; here's a hack to have the server remap ssh-transport git remote urls

so now i can
git clone ssh://git@orbital.rodeo/my-repo.git
instead of
git clone ssh://git@orbital.repo/var/www/what/a/mess/orbital.repo/my-repo.git


invoke this with `command=git-noshell` prefix to each of ~git's authorized_keys, or
Match User git
ForceCommand git noshell
in /etc/ssh/sshd_config.d/git-noshell.conf

also, don't use git-shell with this;
chsh -s /bin/sh git

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every single time i see this sticker, brain reads it in the same voice as one might use for "i farted"

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