literally every time I use this fucking os

"you will now wait, you will not be told how long, and you will not ask why. that you did not request this does not matter. your time does not matter. you paid for this and you'll pay again"

i only use it for games and i swear it squanders at least a third of whatever time i manage to scrape together to play

anybody fond of the quip "free software is only free if your time is worth nothing" can go jump in a lake. only windows wastes my time like this

my workbench is a huge mess but it's got a new old shop light and i'm actually fricken out here and using it
the squat cage too
didn't even have to deload that much
heck yeahhh

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my kid calls the spooky insects that make webs across the front door every night in an attempt to ensnare me "spicers" and somehow it's always funny

i'm super excited to see @algernon and others building (or planning to build) a distraction-free low-power sunlight-usable writing device

for one, because it's useful and cool and i'd probably like to use one eventually

for two, because i really want to see the freewrite, which i am thoroughly grumpy about, get shown tf up

it took several guesses and attempts and borrowing back the one i gave to a friend but i finally have this 128x64 OLED display working on my mitosis receiver

next step: design some visualization to display on it and integrate with firmware

i wish there was a way to specify that this video should loop

*on the 103rd floor of a black-windowed skyscraper, a cabal of the worlds' most elite furries sits around a massive conference table*

"Vore! For too long this woefully underrepresented kink has been languishing unknown in the seedy depths of the internet"

"But how do we awaken a new generation to it? How are you gonna sneak it past the parents? It's not like you can make vore family-friendly!"

*Netflix executive bursts through the double doors* hold up i got u

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i still have a bit left to do on the software side but

omg it actually mostly works

my mitosis split wireless mechanical now has a face to go with the voice 🤖

i had several doubts that i'd actually make this happen 😤

speaker: $0.50
oled display: $2.50

just get an arduino already, pho4cexa, stop torturing your poor keyboard with LEDs

soldering while wearing weightlifting gloves at midnight during the 90 second gaps between sets because it's the only uninterrupted time i have lately

but! cool experiments in progress!

1: can i power my with boost converters and AA batteries?
2: better connector on keyboard's shitty speaker
3: connector on this tiny vibrator to experiment with haptic feedback
4: build a usb-powered high voltage avr parallel programmer with a boost converter to unbrick some chips!

here's three different possible shapes you might draw in copper on your circuit board to do bluetooth low-energy wireless, each one performing better than the last and tuneable with various parameters.

to me this is like magic runes
but for real


when i hear the phrase "rock 'n roll,"

my mental imagery is a guy hugging his knees and rocking on his heels in the corner, trying not to lose it, then losing it, along with his balance, sending him sprawling across the floor

TIL the etymology: it's just "fuckin'"

well, now i get why elderly people got so worked up about it back in their day

i'm tickled that my wife's aquarium now lights up the room at night like hi-intensity CGA Mode 4/Palette 1 or a bi pride flag or a vaporwave album cover but she insists that it's a happy coincidence and there are very science reasons for these particular colors

it looks like one drop of water found its way down to a small cluster of components on the ps4 motherboard

it's a small ic, a couple resistors and capacitors

there's two other clusters like it elsewhere on the board

the resistors measure fine

capacitors are fried, they act like wires. no identification markings

i can't test the chip or identify it from its markings, but it's probably a regulator for power rails

but! i can get a board to scavenge replacement parts from for $35

i'd love to see iterations of this mastodon mascot sticker, themed for each instance like travis ci or github does with their mascots, maybe with an activitypub logo in the background

so you can rep your instance in a commonly recognizable way, and even if you're on pleroma or rustodon we can all be comrades stickered in anti-birdsite solidarity

maybe would help start conversations about how federation works too

i guess this is branding 🤢 but somehow it feels less malevolent without profit

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work in progress: layout experiment for sculpted split column-staggered ergonomic ~40% .


- "key bowls" like the Kinesis Advantage, but not a copy

- uniform caps like DSA but sculpted profile like (or better than) SA/OEM/Cherry. lets me freely rearrange caps to match whatever weird symbol layout i come up with (cheaper too)

- parameterized to match finger length

- if i can't reach a key without moving my arm, lose it

- cheap FDM 3d print without support material

3d modeling is hard 🤕

i thought this random work-in-progress shot looked kindof cool though

new battlestation arrangement coming together

but i'm loathe to call it that because idgaf about battling my peers

what's a fun word for an operations console for constructive, cooperative activities
such as seizing the means of production

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