til gideon the ninth and its sequel have been translated to japanese!

my favorite books in the whole universe, and they have a mere four ratings on amazon jp!?

i encouraged my beloved to buy and read them to see what she thinks, maybe we can get a fifth five star review up there

whose got two thumbs and a reverse proxy through wireguard to the home lab this guy 😎

it actually isn't all that mindblowing or novel, i've encountered two different masto admins who serve their whole multiple users instance just like this

on the other hand my roadblocks to self-hosting are finally clear! cheap vps serving light stuff, but proxying to chonky servers whenever there's heavy lifting

no anxiety-inducing holes poked in my cable modem's firewall

no violating my isp's tos (i think)

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growing twin goatee tufts so i can dye them iridescent blue like phidippus audax chelicerae

cw: adorable spider friend

regex-based irc protocol parser in chicken scheme, using extended scheme regular expression syntax

(it's named ->alist but doesn't return an alist, i know)


asus chromebook flip c100p
- codename veyron-minnie
- released 2015-06

asus chromebit cs10
- codename veyron-mickey
- released 2015-11

i find myself now owning three of the former and five of the latter

- rockchip rk3288 32 bit arm
- abandoned by google ages ago
- each $30 used
- made to run mainline linux (!) using crawfishos github.com/austin987/crawfisho

rebuild* of evangelion**

* tidying
** my battlestation***

*** my fairly basic office computer desk

back before i had a way to obtain hundreds of megabytes of those new-fangled mp3 files i got my electronic music fix from MODs

this one was my favorite, listened to it hundreds of times on loop when i was 15.




whoa cohost.org looks rad

"a software company that hates the software industry"

this sounds like my jam
(and probably everybody else here's jam)

just fyi, the first three chapters of my most favorite scifi in the whole freakin universe are available in this $0 sampler e-book


and the first eight chapters are available here (if you can tolerate reading chapter length text off a website)


i encourage you to try this on, it's so very good

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quickly filtering out crap from my TL
tiny features with big impact ❤️

i was going to make a shitpost about how fancy himalayan pink salt is actually made from those red blocks of salt and nutritional minerals that farmers put out in the woods for cows and deer to lick

but apparently there's plenty of varieties of himalayan salt licks these days too

🧠 (furious typing)
👨 bro
🧠 (furious typing)
👨 bro, time to dial it back a bit
🧠 almost done
👨 we have other things to do
🧠 ok gotta go cross reference this
👨 let's save some for tomorrow k
🧠 but i gotta go survey prior art on the subj...💤
👨 phew

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shoudn't have gone scrolling through locked tomb tumblr.

(from chillyweirdoinacoffin.tumblr.c)

but i am already losing my mind having to endure waiting another four months for my copy

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spoiler (Harrow the Ninth) 

when i noticed this jewel of a joke i could only picture the author giggling, thoroughly satisfied with her own wit

for readers with stupendous foresight and attention to detail it's another clue to make you feel smart when you correctly predict the reveal

for idiots like me it's a flower that blooms only upon the second (or in my case third) read through

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hi, i'm pho4cexa. recently:

here's an autobio-style introduction

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