I'm a copyleft nut but I've got plenty of critiques of the FSF and I don't uncritically revere Richard Stallman, really I don't,

but wow do I love this artwork

Illustrator: Nathan Fox

Published in:

@pho4cexa It looks like Richard meets the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. Which would be fitting, if you think of it.

@pho4cexa Great artical and great illustrations!

About Stallman: I think when you understand his message it's really spot on and reasonable; but the dogmatic framing (whether or not he intends it) chases people away unless they're already using mostly free software for other reasons.

@pho4cexa We (as in FOSS people) should really stop prefacing "I love Free Software" with "but Stallman has problems." It lends credence to the people that try to critique FSF by pointing at Stallman's personality. Everyone has problems. "I love Microsoft but Ballmer is an ape," "I love Google but Schmidt is a philanderer;" not valid arguments. People who think that "Stallman eats his toenail clippings" is a valid critique of the FSF are morons and should not be acknowledged.

@vsedach I'm mostly reacting to the [tedious, incredibly common] argument that free software is a "religion"

it's hard to post an inspiring piece of beautiful artwork that centers an idealized Stallman when so many are eager to claim that it's a cult of personality

i agree about toenail clippings

but i have other critiques, like maybe insisting that people call it GNU+Linux is way less important than other threats to software freedom, and being pedantic about it is not good marketing

@pho4cexa Did you try showing him the pictures? He would probably really like them, and he probably isn't already aware of them.

@JordiGH We've never met, I don't know him personally, and he's surely already aware of the article, as he spent time with the author, being interviewed. I expect he checked the article when it was published for violations of his interview conditions (calling free software "open source," omitting "GNU" from GNU/Linux, etc.)

@pho4cexa Eh, just email him to, he treats everyone with the same degree of intimacy. I guarantee he'll reply if you email him.

Even if he was interviewed, he might not be aware of the pictures. He doesn't normally read webpages, so he may well have only read a text-only copy.

@theoutrider @pho4cexa everyone ponders the prohibition on buying rms parrots.

I mean, it's been years since I read about it, and periodically, it drifts onto the shores of my mind, "How many unwilling parrots were passed into rms's hands?"

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