As part of my research for my #LibrePlanet2018 talk:

Those of you who had formal education for programming: how many of you were taught about any sort of ethical issues as a core part of your education---as a _part_ of the material, not alongside it? And how many were taught about ethics as an aside, or separate course?

Please include your educational institution/organization/resources. Feel free to e-mail me at if you don't want to respond publicly. If you are an educator that teaches about ethics in the classroom or in your materials, I'd love to hear from you as well.

@mikegerwitz my uni requires the completion of a 3-credit ethics class as a requirement for the CS BS degree. Not required for CS minors.

It was >10y ago so it's fuzzy, but I recall being grumpy that the class spent so little time on protecting users from bad software and so much time on "don't pirate photoshop," "don't intentionally do crappy work", "no 'unauthorized' access", etc. Little mention of ethics in other classes.


@mikegerwitz (which pretty much follows the ACM Code of Ethics, if de-emphasizing the parts about protecting the privacy of and avoiding harm to users and the general public)

(and not a whit about the ethics of not being able to inspect the source code of software that runs on your behalf on your own devices, much less the four freedoms.)

@pho4cexa Thanks. Yes, unfortunately virtually every ethics mention I've been researching is precisely about the topics mentioned in the ACM Code of Ethics _and Professional Conduct_. As you mention, it is void of the strongest ethical concerns from the perspective of software freedom.
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