a biathalon, except instead of skiing and shooting it's cycling and soldering electronics

@pho4cexa I see what you did there, and I agree it is quite clever, but I find myself over here thinking, "Damn, is that what a biathalon is?! That sounds really dangerous and kinda exciting, like a James Bond movie! Maybe... maybe I should watch biathalons??" ^_^

@maiki I know right? It sounds so hard core, and so difficult! How do you aim straight after a workout!?

also omg i misspelled biathlon 😳

@pho4cexa But would that necessarily require you to leave a relatively stationary position?

@skellat even if it were a stationary exercise bike i think it would be super difficult to soldering tiny components immediately afterward and have the circuit work 😁

@pho4cexa this sounds like a really great way to ruin electronics and possibly lose fingers, and yet I find the concept intriguing

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