i just threw this design together in anger, as a mock-up

the response to that toot will help me decide whether it's worth it to get them made. it would cost me about $150-$170 to print 1000

i'd be nice to find some people who would be willing and able to distribute them widely somehow

i wouldn't be interested in recovering my cost but i wouldn't want them to go to waste either, with like one dude coating his skateboard with hundreds of them or something

@pho4cexa Hard to read the text when I've burned off the flag part, tho...

@pho4cexa we used to have a facebook destituence design, but we were taking advantage of a blue/black on white sale from our printers, and we've been sold out since November. Feel free to steal our design if you'd like: kolektiva.social/web/@municipa

@znk i posted this since you asked but i stuck it to the parent toot so that more people would be able to see it


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