if you work for google or other big tech, i don't hate you

devs gotta eat

the whole industry has convinced itself that "silicon valley whiz-kids" are geniuses so you gotta get that boost on your resume

once you suffer through, get your student loans paid down and help pops to not lose the house maybe then you can be more principled about who buys your labor

wait... you're "proud" to work for them? puke. you're bad and you should feel bad. get burnout and choke on a soylent

@pho4cexa I worked for 8+ years in a small company (I was the first full time software engineer). The company grew and grew even bigger until it was bought by a big investment inc. I quit. The new company was also a small one (15+ employees). After a couple of months in, the company was bought by a big company too. Last week, there was an announcement, that the bigger company was bought by an even bigger investment company (KKR). Yesterday, rumors has risen that the company I quit in the past will also be bought by the same investment corp.

So, what should I do? Quit again?
Honesty, I am not proud to work for them, but i like my work. I like to find elegant solution for complex problems, work with my colleagues and crank on servers.

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