what's your favorite minimalist/human-scale alternative to ansible, salt, puppet, etc.?

basically i want to blow away and rebuild my cloud box with a script, and cloud-init alone is inadequate and janky

glanced at:

or maybe i can solve this with a system description thingy? (can i get my openstack host to spin me up a guix box?)


The problem is the human-scale issue.

My view is that ansible *is* the human scale version, but it's a bit complex.

There was also chef, on the Ruby side, which might be better suited to your needs.

Beyond that, you probably just want a shell script or if you want to use guix, then yeah use guix.

@pho4cexa I saw "minimalist" and "openstack" in the same post and by brain seized up


Ansible and guix seem "human scale" enough but if even that seems like overkill then well crafted scripts?

@msh haha well i don't have to think about the openstack side of it any further than "gimme a cloud computer plz," just wanted to speak generically instead of saying "an ec2 instance"

i've seen many say that ansible is minimalist, but i don't have fond memories of the time i had to use it at work, can't recall specifics

and despite guix not being a minimalist ssh-and-scripts approach i have positive feelings towards it so i think i'll try that first!

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