"software design for flexibility" by chris hanson and gerald jay sussman will be out in 8 days.

all the e-books i can find for it have drm applied which would usually rule out a purchase for me. but, i can make an exception in this case because the text is going to be creative commons-licensed, just like sicp!

(i even double-checked with author chris hanson, who was kind enough to reply to an internet rando's email!)

@pho4cexa I checked with Gerry Sussman a few months ago as well and he too confirmed that it would be out under a creative commons license.

@pho4cexa (comment in reference to the linked post dealing with BigBlueButton/Jitsi vs Zoom: It would be nice to have more details on the implementation of such solutions. )

@pho4cexa @vertigo You’d think MIT Press would be able to find someone to tell them how computers work, and yet they still have DRM.

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