*bateman voice*

new caps. what do you think?

"woah. very nice."

received them from fedex yesterday.

"nice profile."

that's MT3. and the color scheme is something called zambumon serika.

"it is very cool, but that's nothing. look at this."

*clenches fists*

"eggshell with romalian type."

*swallows, audible heartbeats*

look at that subtle off-white coloring. the tasteful thickness of it. my god, it even has logo engraving

@technomancy thanks! the characters are workman, but the symbols and modifier keys are still a work in progress and don't necessarily match the legends.

one of those semicolon keys is actually quote. angle brackets got moved to a layer, replaced with ? and !.

once i'm happy with it i'll PR a patch into QMK, (because that's what i'm used to) and eventually try to do the modified layout with Kaleidoscope

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