The recursive centaur: half horse, half recursive centaur

if you're having trouble visualizing the recursive centaur i've made this helpful reference

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using the standard recursive centaur as a reference how would one properly render these creatures

the recursive mermaid: half fish, half recursive mermaid

the recursive minotaur: half bull, half recursive minotaur; guards a fractal maze

the recursive satyr: half goat, half recursive satyr but with exaggerated genitalia

the recursive cyclops: a giant but, centered in its forehead, half the number of eyes of a recursive cyclops

the recursive half-elf: half elf, half recursive half-elf


recursive arnold palmer: half lemonade, half recursive arnold palmer

recursive half-and-half: half milk, half recursive half-and-half

recursive black-and-tan: half guinness, half recursive black-and-tan

recursive half-caff: half fully-caffeinated, half recursive half-caff

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