i still have a bit left to do on the software side but

omg it actually mostly works

my mitosis split wireless mechanical now has a face to go with the voice 🤖

i had several doubts that i'd actually make this happen 😤

speaker: $0.50
oled display: $2.50


my hopes were dashed when i learned that the mitosis is incompatible with the I2C OLED display because it uses the I2C clock pin for a green LED instead

but wait! I could just give up use of the green LED and cut its pin off

but wait! I could desolder the pin and re-route it with a wire to a different one on the pro micro, and get the OLED working with no loss of LEDs!

... so in little scraps of time that's what i did and it worked 😎👍

@gbrnt the main thing i'm hoping to do is a quick-reference of the key layout for the currently active layer. (i'm learning the workman layout but my keycaps are qwerty.)

at 128x64 pixels, it looks like i should be able to squeeze that plus a bunch of status info in there too.

even if it turns out that the display is too physically small for this, i'm stoked that qmk firmware being free software means i can make it display "anything i want," even if i don't figure out what right away :wink:

@pho4cexa Wow that sounds super handy - kind of wishing I added it to my current build!

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