i keep finding myself wishing for something like a data cable that has a gadget in the middle that lets you permute the order of the pin connections by manipulating dip switches on it or something

so you can temporarily hook two devices up while experimenting without painstakingly running a knotty blanket of wires across your breadboard

does a gadget like this exist?

i'm thinking i could build one with a handful of rotary encoders

@pho4cexa I haven't used one, but I'm pretty sure I've encountered analog switch matrix that would probably do what you want. You'd need to provide power and worry about levels etc. Something like this?

@cstanhope it looks pretty close, but you're right, i was hoping for a passive device that i could run power, ground, and data through without having to worry about separate power or compatibility. it looks like a "breakout box" might be closer

@pho4cexa obviously with that one being specific to the connector (RS232). I remember using these because things with DB25 connectors were pretty unpredictable in the 80s and 90s

@insom oh wow! i think this is just the sort of thing i'm looking for. the name alone will help me narrow a search!

i guess you still have to have a mess of wires in the box itself to configure the permutation of connections, but that's better than manually setting and debugging on an already crowded breadboard i bet

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