i'm tickled that my wife's aquarium now lights up the room at night like hi-intensity CGA Mode 4/Palette 1 or a bi pride flag or a vaporwave album cover but she insists that it's a happy coincidence and there are very science reasons for these particular colors

@PixelOccult it's too dark to tell but my Neon Moon deck is in that photo, atop some books on the left 😁

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@George_Mutt this is my fuzzy memory and paraphrased but as far as i understood her explanation:

the blue simulates the wavelength of light that penetrates to a certain depth of ocean water at a certain time of day (we don't keep it that blue all the time) and the purple is from a "grow light" which is the optimal wavelength for beneficial algae to grow in the refugium sump tank in the cabinet.

How cool is that! Thank you for responding. That was very generous of you. I did look up the part about blue light but didn’t see anything about purple. I’m surprised about actually wanting to grow algae growth bad. But it is a good source so I guess that makes sense. I use a grow light too but not to grow algae 😜

@pho4cexa Maybe the same very science reason applied when choosing the bi pride flag colors :thonking:

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