even though i know that it's literally the exact same thing as the lithium polymer batteries i'm using now somehow it just feels cooler to say

my use fuel packs made for frickin racing drones 😎

i've been envying @vilmibm's new mitosis because it has a low profile neoprene base, compared to a bulky acrylic case on mine

i thought i couldn't simply remove my case, because the screws that attach it could not be extracted from the plate/pcb sandwich without unsoldering all the switches.

i just learned through experimentation that they recede into the board just enough that (although i can't get them out) they don't rattle around or short circuit

so now my mitosis is low profile too 👍


Massdrop x Oblotzky Oblivion SA profile keycaps on my Mitosis split wireless ergonomic


(Finally, after 9 months of waiting!)

am i building a mitosis harness with leg-straps just so my friend can do this pose except without that bulky ergodox?

i... don't understand the question, i mean i have the tools how could i not

(I think this is a scan of the print version of this Make: magazine article makezine.com/2018/03/15/reinve )

.grb -> gerbv -> .svg -> inkscape -> .dxf -> OpenSCAD

it's a start...

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