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πŸ™„ I should of said something..*electric-petrel*​

πŸ¦€ πŸ¦€ πŸ¦€ FACEBOOK IS GONE πŸ¦€πŸ¦€ πŸ¦€

Got my Floyd-Steinberg dithering algorithm implementation working! Liking the results so far.

I've also heard that delimited continuations are big in Racket, which is interesting. I have previously explored them with Kenichi Asai and Oleg Kiselyov's shift/reset tutorial (pllab.is.ocha.ac.jp/~asai/cw20) and I'm excited to see how they're used practically in Racket.

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Although I love Lisp a lot and have written a lot of code in both Scheme and CL, I haven't checked out Racket until now (following the beautifulracket.com/ book) and I have to say: It's a great language! I love the focus on DSL creation and the fact that it's based on Scheme is extremely nice. I still prefer Scheme conceptually, but I think this will become a language I'll use a lot for practical work.

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Plan 9 looks like such a cool operating system. It's got a ton of interesting ideas (I like the networking aspect to it especially). Too bad I can't get past the mouse-reliant user interface... I'd love a keyboard oriented Plan 9.

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when people ask "what advantage could there be to using IRC in this day and age?" ...

I just got annoyed with not finding out about build failures in CI for #fennel. I went to look to see if any chat integration was supported by my CI host, and they didn't have any. then I realized I could just write my own IRC notifier with a short script.

it's 13 lines and the only dependency is netcat, a 27kb program that you probably already have: p.hagelb.org/irc-announce.fnl.

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I don't know why, but the limited disk interaction for Forth systems sounds really comfy.
It's based on blocks of 1024 bytes each. Each block functions as a file of source code, and you load them into a text editor with the 'load' command at the interaction prompt. It's really quaint, and much less useful than modern, seemingly endless files. It still sounds comfy regardless, for some reason.

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this is so fucking dope, and it's so easy to mess around with this on your own. i only had to wait around a minute for the image below.

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u can now drag from ur inventory and place things in the world!! this was a LOT more work than i thought it would be to get it working super robustly lol ;; :bunHop: πŸ₯•πŸ’–

I've come to like the terseness of the Russian language while learning it. It has made me realise how many redundancies there are in English and other European languages.
Like the phrase "How do you say <something>" is in Russian just "Как ΡΠΊΠ°Π·Π°Ρ‚ΡŒ <something>" (literally "How say <something"). The English version contains an unnecessary verb as well as a pronoun which doesn't add much to the question.

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Okay, got a S-expression to XML converter working. Half way finished.

Thinking about making a Lisp library for working with XML. Like a xml-to-sexp function for converting XML to S-expressions and a function for doing the opposite after modifying the S-expressions for export to i.e. HTML documents. Would be nice to have for managing the website at least. Hmm...

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Cellular automaton of the day: Langton's ant!
I find it quite mesmerizing...

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