bank: you MUST register with your LEGAL name! none of this TRANS GENDERED CRAP
me: what if i register as a business?
bank: no problem of course
me: what if the business name is my actual name, the one you don't want me to use?
bank: absolutely not a problem at all

train company: LEGAL NAME AND GENDER ONLY otherwise say BYE BYE to getting a travel card
me: what if i get a business card
train company: go on
me: it's for my employee, who is also me, but using my actual name and gender
train company: absolutely! of course ma'am

@nuel Okay yikes to all these places.

Our transit card we got anonymously with cash, no nameshit required (we don't even have the /normal/ nameshit we have extra-weird plurality nameshit). IMO that should be an option everywhere.


@IceWolf it is. just not if you want a subscription of any kind

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