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age 0 (baby): I want a biccy .
age 25 (Millennial): I want a vaccy
Do you see how fucked this is?

absolutely incapable of producing coherent thoughts today

hi if you want to play 1.17 minecraft on a very gay and trans server, there's now a new section on the Melon Computer survival world called Flower War:

editing my bible by removing all the parts that seem irrational, or not individualistic, or not in accord with ayn rand's philosophy of objectivism

nobody likes it when I compare butch presentation to leathermen's presentation, even though the LAST round of feminist sex wars was very much concerned with doing this same pathologizing/hypersexualizing thing to butch/femme,

because for a group of gays so interested in valorizing lesbianism as a moral ideal, they're really really uncomfortable acknowledging that lesbians Fuck. butches Fuck, and in large part they dress like that to advertise that they Fuck.

now not to get into takes that are too hot but maybe, just maybe, communicating about sexuality and sexual competency is a pretty primary motivator for clothing selection for a broad range of people who otherwise have little in common.

and maybe, just maybe, acting like the ways that gay sexuality is expressed through clothing are intrinsically sexual, consent-violating, and inappropriate might be… I dunno… garden variety, oldest-rhetorical-trick-in-the-book homophobia?

open for puppy 

i have decided it's still cute look at her widdle doggy face

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i am now fully immune to covid. let's get this money

anyone good with respect to human characteristics

If you are a telegram user you will be earning $1000 worth of Bitcoin direct to your wallet with no bitches. Just join the telegram channel below and ask admin how.

[Extreme Libertarian Voice] ahhh rights? big fan. individual ones? sign me the hell up

lmao the melon server instantly crashes as it refederates and suddenly has 1028947 messages coming in

Melon Computer β€” Collaborative mixed media art space and genderqueer post-online house. On the fiery edge of the acceleration into financialized abyss, brave anthropomorphic animals team up with comrades who are Bready to strike. The true epic winner of course, will be the friends we made along the way.

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