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@insom a) Thanks :-)

b) Yes it's all tagged by me, so it's a bit subjective.
Here's the full table:

and c) When you're on, you can search users from the terminal:
~nossidge/code/tildeverse/bin/tildeverse -l -u ^imt$
~nossidge/code/tildeverse/bin/tildeverse -p -t poetry

I've made a framed browser for the Tildeverse homepages:

I'm not the most confident UI chap, so if it looks horrible on your monitor, please do let me know.

Music stuff: I've added the ability to change keys on the fakesheets on my site. Should now be useful for capoed guitars.

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Introducing the cookbook:

First entries are: Chicken St Sauveur, Água de Lisboa, and Engagement Chicken!

Can't figure it out, so I've just hard-coded it. Had to remove the checks that inform me if the site is offline, so if it does go down it won't log the exact date. It's not perfect, but it'll do.

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The whole site is missing from
But it connects fine from my local machine, and browser.

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Does anyone know why I can't curl to from
$ curl -kI
curl: (7) Failed to connect to port 443: Connection timed out

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@joe I'm a day late, but happy birthday you magical html piano marvel.

@selfsame I keep meaning to record stuff, but I find DAW UIs really complicated and scary. I will get to it though, one of these days.

The code is still horrible at the mo, but I'll post it all to when it's complete.

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It's a collage of 1980s/90s gay-culture pins from
I scraped all the images and converted to transparent background PNGs.

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I made this. It's pretty gay.'s_Pins/d==

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