@insom Can I ask what you use to generate the Tilde sites modified list?
Would it be okay with you if I added it to my list?

@insom Shock! Okay cool, are you just using the last modified header?

@nossidge Yeah, it's p. basic, I do this to check the last modified dates:

and then use:

It could hardly be more basic. It _was_ relying on your users.json, I need to update it to the new tildeverse.json format though.

@insom Oh, sorry! I didn't think anyone was using the json. I shouldn't have assumed. It's back up now, no need for you to change anything.

@nossidge I imagine the scripts that run tilde town as a complicated knot of connections between hardcoded file paths. I enjoy the idea and even the occasional breakage. It reminds me that we're an organic system, free of unit tests or top down structure.

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