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the TL;DR is that even though it was a pain to get set up and adjust to it seems to be working and in the smartphone world you will never get better than "it works and should stay reasonably secure" which this phone does
I'd rather not have one but it's like having a car. Life is a whole lot harder without one because society is built around the fucking things, and the alternatives aren't nearly as available or as good quality as they should be

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you are very certainly tied into apple's ecosystem, that's undeniable. But itunes is not too terrible. And if I wanted to sync my calendar and stuff with an android phone's calendar app I'd still need to use some calendar server, of which the one that most apps support is google calendar, and I *slightly* trust apple over google with the whole security thing given that their business model isn't literally in selling that data

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so even though there was a lot of trouble setting it up, I've found that I actually don't hate this iphone

in fact I kinda like it. Or at least, I like playing Sky and listening to podcasts, both of which it does fairly well (although I'm using the VLC app for podcasts instead of the apple one)

is it better than an android phone? nah, just different. Is it FOSS-friendly? absolutely not. Does it work well? yeah, now I have it set up. But hopefully it can last a bit better than budget phones.

are 90s alt rock one hit wonders a guilty pleasure or just actually good

tfw there's a really good YTP you want to share but you feel bad about sharing it because it contains sentence-splices of slurs

every other joke in the video is great
it's literally those one or two "lol so edgy" things and it ruins the video

am I contributing to the problem if I buy a smartphone new rather than used?
Problem: more manufacturing means more potential waste
Benefit: you get a device that will actually have security updates for a bit longer (I don't want to rely on custom ROMs for security updates even though having updates is literally just paranoia on my part bc I keep nothing important on my phone)

it seems that the available mp3 players today are either e-waste tier or hifi audiophile nonsense
I guess honestly my best bet for a device is getting an android phone and hoping that it's not full of garbage

this is bullshit fuck it
I'm just gonna return this and buy an android phone, fuckings to longevity or support
I can't deal with apple's bullshit

I don't want a 100gb VM just to write an app for my phone

I don't want to have to sync my shit with icloud just to get it on my pc

I don't want to work the way my phone wants me to

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so far my take on the iphone and the apple stuff in general is that it's REALLY an ecosystem. Getting stuff on and off an iphone is far harder than it needs to be, but once you have your stuff on the iphone, which is a bit of a pain, it's nice to use

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next task: macOS VM with xcode so I can try and write smth to target this phone

so weird that they made talk like a pirate day a bank holiday this year but I'm not complaining

whenever I post about problems with word processors, at least one person will appear in my mentions and tell me to use LateX

that's like if I complained about not being able to find a good hammer at my local hardware store and they told me that making your own blast furnace is easy, you can just collect all the pig iron you need and smelt it and forge it into a hammer. Making your own forge is easy, too

syncing your icloud calendar with your mac and iphone: it's all automatic, cool

syncing your icloud calendar with outlook: it's possible, but you need to be connected on USB

syncing your icloud calendar with thunderbird: use developer tools on firefox to capture the secret caldav URLs, generate an app-specific password, and *then* it just works

Can iOS porters of open source apps please not charge for their ports? It's against the entire spirit of open source and it's shitty

current shit list:
* mobius sync (syncthing port)
* keepassium (keepass port)
* quine (tiddlywiki port)

I guess I'm sticking with the iphone. VLC for iphone can expose a media library over USB (via itunes) that I can just put my podcast files in so that's not a problem

iphones don't want to work how I want

any android phones with a reasonable support lifetime are expensive as fuck and custom ROMs could drop support at any moment (plus mostly are shit)

I'm not having anything. I'm sticking with my dumbphone. I'm going to buy an mp3 player instead.

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I fucking hate smartphones
I'm going without one again
fuck it

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