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at least the phone call was quick
but needing to call them in order for them to remove a hold on my account seems like a needless boundary

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"Thanks for choosing eBay!"
I didn't choose ebay, you fuckers, you know that you hold a practical monopoly on the online secondhand market in the UK, stop pretending that it's a choice

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despite me being an ebay user for 2 years as both a buyer and a seller, they have decided to withhold my funds from sales and restrict my account from purchases and I don't know why
it's fucking frustrating
now I have to call them to resolve this

the fact that they still want to charge a software licence for an OS from a 30 year old machine is actually terrible

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so far my experience of having real amiga hardware is that a lot of software is incompatible with amigaos 2.1 and I probably should upgrade to 3.1 or 3.2. but god 3.2 is expensive. 3.1 isn't that bad tho

Autistic people who keep insisting that you say they have Asperger's or that they're 'high functioning' are the WORST. Sorry no you're just autistic like the rest of us filthy peasants.

personal hygene q 

how do y'all (if you do it) remove leg hair? I have been trying using a safety razor for like half a year and have realized that I am not the kind of person who can use one without getting cuts, and I don't want to use a cartridge razor because of the cost + environmental impacts, same deal with hair removal cream. any suggestions?

I really need to get around to writing my big long rant about "plain text" sometime

I see people saying RISC-V will take over the desktop, but the sad truth is that nothing will ever be able to take over the x86 monopoly, it's just too established
apple managed for macs, but they're fucking apple. they can do anything.
some grassroots open source project isn't going to redefine personal computing, it's going to become a weird novelty for nerds (which isn't even fun to me, when the only thing people do on risc-v chips is run the same linux software that runs on everything else)

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I am 100% convinced at this point that "RISC-V" has become just a buzzword in the open hardware community and less people actually care about RISC-V as an architecture than care about wanting to write RISC-V on their boards

terfs and the fash again, hate symbols 

something Polish enby pointed to me:

here's a hate symbol that's popular with the terfs right now. I screenshoted a couple in the wild below; cw for terf speech.

the symbol shows a bathroom-sign adult human male stick figure, holding an umbrella with his adult human female companion. the umbrella and the adult humans are rainbow-coloured, suggesting they're progressive gender-critical radicals who *of course* support cis gays. with the rainbow umbrella they're shielding a child human male and a child human female. (the children are not rainbow-coloured; presumably because children can't be gay.) what the brave adult guardians are protecting the children from is a sleazy, dripping wet, greasy waterfall of trans-flag genderfluid.

this symbol, quite popular right now as an avatar with twitter terfs, is a palette swap of this older homophobic version, which has been for a long time and remains widespread among Eastern European gay-bashing fascists. in the original version the entire family is straight-coloured, and the wet threat is the gay rainbow.

James Somerton has mentioned in a recent video that JKR started liking and boosting homophobic tweets now. So far she hasn't started attacking the cis gays herself, but those of us who followed her fall will remember that the trans hate started like that, with 'accidental' likes on terf poison. No there's likes on anti-gay hate.

groomer discourse is spreading from the US with genocidal overtones, and the tiny minority of cis lesbians who joined in with the right to bash the trannies are already getting their Kristallnacht, of which Roe vs. Wade is but the first salvo. I derive zero pleasure of having been correct on this, and I wish they had understood who was their real enemy rather than doubling down on not wanting to reconsider the disgust they feel about our bodies.

the XMB was the peak of UI design for game controllers imo

what can I do, as a queer person living in the middle of nowhere with no job and no platform from a middle-class background but with no available money, to improve the state of the world?


it's not as if the opposition are even providing any opposition, and are actively cracking down on anybody in the party who actually opposes anything

in a situation like this there is basically two options: revolutionary fervor, or doomerism

I don't see the revolution happening in somewhere where consciousness is as fucked as it is in the UK, and I can't really help the revolution as an unemployed queer kid living in the middle of nowhere, so I guess it's doomer time

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they are both openly transphobic, support delaying climate action, think that further austerity is a good economic policy....
we're fucked
also reading the UK newspapers about this is sickening because they word things in a weasel-y way to say "we agree with the transphobia but can't say it out loud"

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