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minecraft poll: netherrack is?

I heard there was some controversy about JUCE, is it worth trying? it seems to do what I'd like to do

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I've been asked to research writing a harmonica practice app for android or web. It needs to listen to what note is being played through the phone's microphone and display it on the screen with a harmonica-ish layout, with the plan to add the ability to follow tabs etc.
Anybody with experience in audio on android know if there is a framework or similar that would be good for this?

My kids are really digging Minecraft Dungeons. They have access to the Switch platform as well as a RetroArch handheld that handles SNES-era consoles (and some PSX), and iOS based phones.

What are your favorite dungeon crawler games for any of that?

the crypto crash is very funny to me and I hope it server as the end of this bullshit

I don't think framework will ever manage to change the industry so other companies start making repairable products and such. But I think they will probably continue to be able to provide an alternative to throwaway tech, for those who can afford it (with the "those who can afford it" being the important part, until this is entry-level stuff we will still have most people using unrepairable devices)

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I don't think framework will succeed in their mission to "fix consumer electronics". They'll never manage to change things from the inside to the point where it actually affects the wider consumer electronics market that much.

that said, they sure do seem to know how to make a decent laptop, and seem to be the best option for buying a laptop rn if you have the cash for one
and they actually seem to have some adoption in business
so I see them surviving

I was going to write a post about my problems with gemini but I've realized that they apply to the whole "minimal"/"simple" tech space as a whole really

and I'm ready to basically say that most of it is very poorly thought out

This is handy, whenever I remember it exists: "You feel like shit"

"This is meant to be an interactive flow chart for people who struggle with self care, executive dysfunction, and/or who have trouble reading internal signals."

my bank has a Pride theme so now when I open the app there's a rainbow next to my deadname


really wanting to brew kvass again now the weather is getting hotter


I have made a startling discovery after trying a few quite different beers
beer just tastes like beer
and I think I like kvass more

exams are over!
I literally certainly failed most of them (mh shit) but at least now I can chill

Kraken, a U.S.-based crypto exchange, has announced they'll be continuing to hire, and have announced a culture overhaul that promotes "diversity of thought" over "stereotypical team diversity measurements" and prohibits describing another's words as "racist" or "x-phobic". 🧵

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