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I'm totally going to be writing a blog post talking about how to make them once I manage to make some!

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tried to make some bat wings I could attach to my boots like the ones in the picture. They didn't go too well so I'm not sharing the ones I made, but I did learn a lot from trying that I will apply to my next pair
the smallest amount of vinyl I could buy was 1/2 a meter so I have a ton to play with while I figure this out

I may have made a bad decision

I went into a store that sells things I like and bought a cute top that was £10 (usually £20, half price)
it's not a lot of money for a cute top and I do like it a lot but I feel like cute tops aren't what I should be buying
hell, different legwear is really what I want rn even fashion-wise.
I had money from christmas I bought it with so it's like a gift to myself I guess? Or did I get got by consumerism?

fedi, was this a bad purchase or not?

feeling like I should probably change my masto bie to something other than what it is, because it really doesn't say anything about me
but I've no idea what I'd put instead of "the funkiest, monkey-est fan club member around"


Wordle 207 5/6


*nature documentary voice*
"here we see a nico in its natural habitat, known as a "bedroom". The nico has formed a relationship with the other inhabitants of the bedroom, like the blahaj and the computer. The nico and the computer hate each other, but largely work to each other's mutual benefit"

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I am a nico that has no idea what the fuck being a nico means but is vibing with it anyway

idk who coined the term "friend-shaped" but I love it
capybara are friend-shaped animals

my politics class on a tuesday (my worst class) has been extended so now it's from 13:15 to 16:30 with a 15min break
you read that right. 3 pretty much straight hours of politics class
And they wonder why the kids these days have mental health issues


Wordle 206 5/6


world's hardest escape room

you are in bed cuddling blahaj
you have 1 hour to get out of bed


lowkey hoping for another lockdown
for public health reasons but also bc then exams might get cancelled and I have a chance of getting into uni because TAGs are easier than actually passing exams

my nice leggings that I've worn like 4 times already have a hole in them
they have since like the first time they were washed
I think that just throwing all the clothes in the house in "mixed load" even tho it says hand wash is probably a bad idea
I'm gonna start handwashing my clothes ig
rather than being lazy and just throwing everything in at once

Some #CircusInPlace regulars have encouraged us to record a podcast.

I argued that we would have to lock ourselves in a closet in order to get a clean recording. It was quickly pointed out that locking two clowns in a closet and forcing them to answer questions would be a terrific premise for such a project.

And so, I need your help!

What questions would you like to hear answered by two classically-trained theater and circus clowns kept under lock and key until they provide a response?

mh, plurality confusion 

(not to say that anybody who has trauma has fake implanted memories, or that plurality cannot develop out of trauma, or anything like that. Just that I have some concerns about one of the major organisations that support the trauma model of plurality and want to know what the position on them within the community is like)

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mh, plurality confusion 

I have some confusions about plurality rn. I have noticed that some resources on plurality I've seen seem to bring in things from the ISSTD who are at best a controversial organisation in the mental health world and have been linked to a lot of implanted memory shit and malpractice
idk how best to ask this but like, how much is the ISSTD's work "trusted" in the plural community, I guess? Because they're certainly shady as hell

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