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I've tried building a few generative music things and it seems the musical output of things that are computationally interesting often isn't musically interesting.

I've been messing with cellular automata and music and the output is either too random or nothing special that I couldn't have just made other ways

I like wetlook leggings but they totally don't fit my usual fashion vibe
there are a few different things like that for me. Things I like but wouldn't wear because they don't fit my usual vibe. I feel like I could easily become sombody who has seperate wardrobes for different styles depending on how I feel, but I want to avoid that and stick to at least having things that match each other enough that I can wear most things I have with each other and still have it not be out of place


I feel like my interest in esoteric stuff makes me seem kinda insane to some folks but like, I don't believe in a bunch of weird esoteric religious and spiritual stuff (not that it's bad to), I just find it incredibly fascinating. And I'm convinced that magical practices work, although probably due to psychology rather than occult forces. Also esoteric philosophy (while certainly often less rigorous than academic philosophy) is cool and there's a lot of super interesting ideas there

decided after searching for a winter coat I like that I just kinda don't like winter coats and I'm gonna find other warm clothing that I can layer

also, "sounds wholly or predominantly characterised by the emission of a succession of repetitive beats" is such a weird definition of music

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I never really got into any "IDM" stuff outside aphex twin and I need to

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I was learning about the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994 and that bought me to autechre's flutter, a track deliberately made not to count as "repetitive" under that law as a protest
but basically long story short, I really need to start listening to autechre because this is amazing

I have liberated this video from instagram so you can experience its greatness without being spied on by Zuck.

Whoops @neauoire my partner and I accidentally acquired an 18th century style upright harpsichord with robotic electromagnetic hammers and unleashed Orca on it

I've been using web bookmarks a lot more since switching to browsers that have decent support for organizing them. They're very useful.

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I wish I had an easy way to download all my web bookmarks to look at locally (I don't think palemoon has this feature, although tbh I also don't know why I'm using palemoon)

everything I've ever got from etsy (2 things so far, so not a huge sample) has really had a feel about it that it was made and sold by somebody who wants to make things for people rather than somebody who wants to sell things for money
it's nice

always a good time to remember that biological sex is a lie

my next minecraft project is going to be building a D&D-ish dwarven mining town inspired by the aesthetic of the embers mod
it'll be the first time I'll ever do a large scale themed build project
I'm excited!

oh hey #dev nerds

black socialists in america is working to design a better online meeting platform and could use help with money but also coding!

vegan, ableism 

I feel like the core idea of animal liberation - that we need to divorce moral consideration from species - is a very good one and one I really like, but if the consequnces of his form of this argument is that he wants to kill disabled kids, I can't defend that. Because I was a disabled kid!

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vegan, ableism 

so uhh I've been reading more into peter singer's work and I have defended the guy in the past, his book is literally why I went vegan, but his position on disability is shit I've heard a lot about it, and thought it was a misrepresentation of his argument in animal liberation regarding killing disabled children which I read as being an argument against species-based personhood, but in his other work he has explicitly said that killing disabled children is morally OK
what the fuck

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