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I kinda feel like paper would do a better job - it's less fragile and won't die on me. But if I use that then the psion is useless, but I still kinda don't want to get rid of it, probably for stupid sentimental reasons? Like, I love it but it's useless and it'd be better in the hands of somebody it's more useful to.

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like, I can't decide if I want to keep my psion 5mx or not. I loved it and I was using it every day until it died, then I got it (not cheaply) repaired with the plan to develop stuff for it that would be useful for me, but then I decided that developing for it seemed like more pain than fun. I now only use it as a notepad and I don't see it getting any other use. I could do what I use it for with a sheet of paper, but I still kinda feel like I shouldn't get rid of it

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I have really been in a getting-rid-of-and-selling-things mood for the past few months. And even when I get rid of things, I feel like I still have more to get rid of. More things I don't use or think I could do without. But the hard part is controlling not getting rid of things I actually want, and not using money I get from selling stupid things to buy other stupid things.

On the one hand: fingers
But, on the other hand: more fingers

update: seems sequencing midi gear with the gameboy w/ arduinoboy is less cool than I thought.
Oh well, the gameboy is still a fun music box alone

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sequencing with lsdj is pretty fun. After picking it up again I want to get an arduinoboy and use the gameboy to sequence other stuff (or use orca to sequence the gameboy, both would be fun)

dark web is when a site has dark theme
deep web is when you scroll down to the end

surprised so many people get this wrong

starting to put together some thoughts on what makes a musical tool good
the TL;DR of what I have so far is that a good musical instrument or tool is one that isn't just something you command, but something that can give you ideas. Most physical instruments can give you ideas - you play a wrong note, or can noodle something, and it changes direction. I don't know why, but I've never had a new idea for something while working in a DAW. But it's what makes music fun

At a different game store than my usual.

Staff: “Do you need any help?”
Me, without skipping a beat: “Well yes but I have chosen to buy Magic: The Gathering cards instead.”

Being an artist is not what people think.

Today someone said to me "hey Mike, you're a photographer, there's a beautiful mountain over there with a nice view. You should walk up and take a photo."

But halfway to the mountain I found a tree that had weird moss. So I spent half an hour photographing green wood and rocks.

You got to be open to beautiful stuff. You won't always find it where it's expected.

decided that at college from now I'm going to wear at least one thing every day that makes me feel good. To try and break my pattern of having single days where I dress cute and feel good followed by weeks of wearing clothes that I don't hate but are kinda meh

usually I don't like "men's" fashion. Just not my style. But I do like having pockets big enough for a DMG gameboy.


wow people are actually backing up this person's non-answer as if "buy something you didn't want and can't afford" is a legit solution to my question about something else entirely

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pd is probably objectively worse than supercollider in basically every way (especially for anything larger than a very simple patch) but it's more fun to use for me so I think I'm gonna stick to it for my grid instruments for now.

Before you put a dozen emojies between words, imagine how hearing the below text could become tiring, even exhausting, and a cognitive drain on screen reader users.

You Clapping hands are Clapping hands causing Clapping hands me Clapping hands to Clapping hands become Clapping hands tired.

maybe, instead of sequencing, I should make instruments to play live, and multitrack them. Might be able to flow better that way.

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I want to make grid tools and toys that help me out of creative blocks and let me have fun with making music but that's tough when you don't really know what music you want to make, what works well as music inspiration for you, or how to build good things

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maybe a looper type idea might work better? capture bits of jams in loops I can arrange into a song rather than trying to make songs with a groovebox. I'm never really happy with the music I make with the circuit so idk why I was trying to copy it

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this sequencer isn't being fun to work on so I'm gonna stop. I do want to make some things that make little grid experiments into bigger musical things though

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