poking at my tiny little website a bit and looking around for new templates, and realising that any kind of web design that looks like it was done later than like, 2005 just gives me an immediate "ugh glossy corporate bullshit" reaction

if it doesn't look like it was made in 1998 by a teenager who doesn't know what html stands for i'm not interested

the difficult part is that I'm going to have to reformat my second HDD (with hundreds of gb of stuff on it) to NTFS because ext4 won't work so I guess I'm making a big archive of my HDD and sticking it on a NAS

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making a backup of my /home (as well as the system image I had before) and installing windows. It's the option that I haven't given a proper shot in a decade so it's worth a try.

@loutre updates breaking software, constant audio nonsense, steam problems, game problems, etc
just general brokenness and frustration

moving to windows potential pros: doesn't have some of the problems I have with linux, I can run games without dealing with messy compat layers

moving to windows cons: it's a pain in the ass to do and I don't like windows and don't want to use it

cannot decide what to do
but all I know is that void can't stay
and some of the issues I have are consistent across every distro I have tried so I don't want to run linux

I'm past the point where my OS can be a hobby
my OS needs to just get the fuck out of my way and let me do what I want to do
I'm not sure if windows will let me do this, desktop linux doesn't do this, I literally have no idea where to turn

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I really don't want to install windows
but at this point I have given up on desktop linux

everything is great for a while but then something breaks and something else breaks and slowly all the jank piles up to create something that is frustrating to use

this might be the start of my windows arc. I don't want to install windows but I also hate dealing with broken shit
which is what every desktop linux distro I have tried has become for me

@foura tried both, tried other fixes listed online, none have helped.

I just want something reliable that works
I don't care about enjoying my computing experience, that's what I have bought an amiga for
legitimately, windows feels like the best option here

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I'm so, so annoyed with this
but the audio issue persists on every linux distro

legitimately might install windows
not even joking

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an update just messed up kate's GUI.
list of things that have broken on my system in the past few weeks:
1. kate's GUI which is now unusable because of some weirdness with qt and gtk style interaction
2. I have to constantly reset my audio hardware when I pause things otherwise it just stops
3. steam games running like ass inside flatpak, steam outside flatpak has a black screen where the UI should be

doesn't seem to have been able to help with any of these

please stop making fun of:
- people's faces or facial expressions
- people's educations
- people's "intelligence"
- people's speech
- people's bodies or body parts

even if the person you're making fun of is a bad person, you no doubt have friends or will have friends for whom those things are true, and who are worried you think the same things about you.

want to make fun of a lib or a fascist? try this instead:
- make fun of them for being a lib or fascist
- highlight ways they obviously don't believe their own ideology
- throw a dairy-free milkshake on them

I have a very mixed feeling on the "retro" gaming/computing scene
on the one hand, keeping old machines alive and using them is great, and a lot of old games are genuinely really good
on the other hand, it's very rooted in nostalgia and looking backwards, rather than thinking about what these older machines could do in the future. This is what I like a lot about the demoscene, using machines like OG amigas for what they are now instead of what they used to be in the 80s/90s

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thinking about how my interest in, and soon use of, the amiga has nothing to do with "retro"
it's an old machine, but I never used one in the past. I have no nostalgia for how computing used to be. I'm approaching the machine for its merits and its culture rather than because I am looking back in time.
That said, I do think that there is some kind of alternate history type appeal to me. What if this had become the dominant platform?
(answer: it would have become as bad as PCs are today)

also nas, also 50 cent
almost as if the idea of sampling famous classic songs into beats is so completely part of musical culture that any famous song has already been used in at least 10 other songs

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Rather than make new devices that will turn into e-waste after the event, we're recycling old price tags into networked conference badges. github.com/osresearch/eink-pri

it has the same problem of going back to any work that defined a genre - it feels like a generic entry in that genre rather than the somewhat groundbreaking thing it was when it was first released

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stanley parable ultra deluxe spoilers 

The new content also seems to offer no real commentary other than "steam reviews suck and re-releases are often seen negatively"
which uhh, yeah. Very insightful, very witty!

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