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château? ah yes, I know french. that means "cat water"

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Is your child a communist? 

my mum and dad are introducing my sister to the world of 80s novelty songs, send help

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plan9 is super cool but I've not really been getting into it because I don't really have a use for it? Maybe I'd get into using it more if I tried using it as my only OS for a bit.

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o moku e kili sewi, la lawa insa sina li pakala e len ijo ale.
Eat magic mushrooms, your mind will rip apart the fabric of reality.

#Inktober day 22 #TokiPona

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@sir the discord one especially frustrates me, open source communities abandoning an open standard in favor of a shitty app designed for gaming that is notoriously terrible at doing anything right.

@sir what lang would you recommend for doing the kind of stuff people seem to use rust for? Just keep using C? Is there something better?

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damn, knowing how to use ed just saved a system for me. This is weird. (context: edited my plan9.ini and put in an invalid display resolution, the only CLI editor on 9front I could get at was ed)

@detondev mine is mostly just full of youtubers and podcasts rather than anything cool. I really want to get an RSS feed going for my site but it's really not a format that RSS works with.

@dozens same, I wish there was a way to limit how many times you see posts from a certain user/bot every day.

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cucking the pope by talking directly to god myself

@devurandom thanks, at some point I might build up enough courage to post a selfie or something.

@detondev hello! my name is elder dev! And I would like to share with you this most amazing game!

(Being serious, I do know minetest, but it doesn't seem to have anywhere near the content or playerbase of minecraft)

me: I am going to make an effort to present myself in a way I want and actually try and look good
also me: how the fuck do clothes work I'm scared

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