@eris they're a pain to remove, but removing them is saving people from that rabbit hole

Good article series on just how deep and scary the rabbit hole that starts with anti-mask can go.

CW for articles: conspiracy, far-right, antisemitism, racism, and every other kind of hate you can imagine


is it super shitty of me that I like, can't bring myself to feel anything about David Amess's death? It seems the news is making such a big deal of it, and obviously murder is murder and murder is bad, but the guy was a Tory, voted against LGBT rights, was anti-welfare and pro-iraq war
like, it's sad that somebody got murdered, but the guy sucked.
Am I a bad person for this?

Kinda wishing I'd have built the fediverse persona where it's acceptable for me to just post single emoji or shit like "nya" and have people completely understand
sometimes all you feel like saying is nya

also funny is how the checkout has quantities of everything, so I bought "1x Renoise 3.3" even though it's a digital product with no DRM

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I am now the owner of 1 renoise. I don't generally like proprietary software but it's the piece of music software that I've got on with most for doing more conventional music composition, and after using it for my looptobers, I like it.

can't wait for people to be comfortable with hugs again so I can (consentually) spontaneously hug my friends.
I am in that mood I get sometimes when I just feel like I need hugs and headpats to stay alive and a blahaj isn't enough

in case anybody is interested, I cut the video to the right length in olive, and then composed the music in renoise synced to the video using xjadeo. xjadeo is very neat (it's a video player that syncs to any linux audio software)

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17 - my most technically ambitions yet! Basic idea - what if a rhythm game, but instead of putting actions to music you put music to actions? Here's the result. (original game is "space dance" from rhythm tengoku)

"The Gitea project is currently reaching out to professionals who would be able to perform an accessibility audit (and be paid of course).

This issue is currently a placeholder for when we receive the report so we can coordinate remediation of issues identified.

If you are, or know, someone who can perform a professional accessibility audit of Gitea please reach out to the project team at maintainers@gitea.io (or any of the project owners per their email in CONTRIBUTING.md)."

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PSA @.lazywolf562@mastodon.social is a bot sending spam DMs pretending to shill for the new official mastodon app and shortlinking to very obvious virus scams

do not visit that link (i did safely to investigate) and if you do, don't download whatever the fuck is on there


I really want to like windowmaker to the point where I just patched an old system tray dockapp to fix a font error. I don't know why I like it, but somehow it makes me happy as an environment.

after discovering that David Chalmers (a dualist) and Phillip Goff (a panpsychist) both have (at some point) been musicians, I propose a new way of determining philosophical truth


Most people: able to differentiate movies from TV shows from news bulletins from music videos

Also most people: every audio recording is just called a podcast now

Yes OK I have OPINIONS about this.

anybody know any free guitar samples/software instruments that works on linux and don't suck? I want to sketch guitar music ideas without needing to learn to play guitar well

musk is 100% going to declare himself emperor the moment he lands on mars. redditors will still flock to him because they're officially called 'le epic bacon serfs' and because he wears real-life pixelated sunglasses with his crown

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