@eris well that catgirl was what we call in the feline community "a piece of shit, tbh"

@eris well then you can see and hear that not all catpeople eat rats
there is good evidence
see: all the catpeople who don't eat rats (aka basically all catpeople)
we mostly just eat whatever humans eat
which is boring but also doesn't contain rats

@eris oh
well still
I don't stand for this unfair stereotyping of catpeople
we're not all rat-eaters

@eris this is propaganda and hate smh

I'm gonna start telling the fedi that rats are an existential threat to carrot people

@eris oh no I'm a threat?? but I like rats
not all catpeople chase rats, that's unfair stereotyping


so the miso I used to make miso soup yesterday has apparently been out of date for like 6 months
it's super pungent and probably not how miso should taste but I think it still tastes OK so I'm still eating it

@aldroid that's true, a month of trying to sing is probably a good way to get better at singing
I do want to try vocals
I guess that's my secondary challenge for fawm

@aldroid I've no idea what songs I might even write
I feel like writing instrumentals is easier for me but I do want to write songs with lyrics even though I am very bad at singing
I'm not sure what's better, instrumentals or songs with vocals that are bad

@aldroid I want to actually make things that are songs and not just random snippets of jams, I guess. I dunno

also if I do stick to a genre idk what
I want to use norns for stuff in my fawm music too. I need to find a way to make it work within a larger setup. I also want to have real bass guitar parts

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not sure if I want to try and stick to a genre/theme with my FAWM music. I think it'd be good for me creatively to try that but also I tend to be very scattershot
if I want to stick to a genre I want to do more vocal stuff but also I hate my voice
idk how to deal with that, maybe I need to learn vocaloid or smth

how do I uninvent something
I want to uninvent wifi so it never existed and we all still use cables for internet
because wifi is trash

just look at this, I love it for some reason. I think the fact that I can just close the playlist and the music player becomes a super convenient desktop widget thing for controlling music playback is awesome

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I never used winamp, but audacious with the classic winamp UI sparks joy
no idea why it just does

People be like how will I discover new music without Spotify??

Ask your friends duh.

Spotify algorithm taking away chilling with ur mates listening and sharing tunes.

Buy music if u can. Support artists.

after not really finding a completely satisfactory calendar program, I'm gonna try just using a paper diary, the same way that I replaced accounting software with a spreadsheet

But I don't want to become that person who whenever you ask for software recs they say "have you tried a spreadsheet or paper?"

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