spent pretty much 2 hours calibrating this printer but now it finally works!
It has ceased to produce waste and instead is producing useful objects. at least, assuming I didn't design them wrong.
I really need to write a "why not 3d printing?" type page (3d printing has a place, for some things, but it is not good for a large amount of the tasks people use it for)

@ice @RussSharek @eunice @Archiviste_Dragontigre I really want a copy of ku but the fact it's only on amazon stops me from buying it.

vax(++), work(?) 

just got my second covid vaccine! Feels great to be done w/ it.
Going to visit a potential employer tomorrow, the first time I have ever done so - I hope I'm not too ill with side effects

@eris I'm considering making one for my college EPQ project, although I'm still waiting to be told if it's a project I could do or not

I feel like I really want to write a proper analysis and critique of ROILA now, which may actually be something I can do as part of my current research project so yay I guess

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I just cannot get over those vowels, like, this is clearly a conlang for human-machine interaction that appears predecated on the fact that both the human and the machine already speak english

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ROILA: a conlang specifically for human-machine interaction! Cool!
...it has a 5-vowel system of /æ/ /ɛ/ /ɪ/ /ɔ/ /ʌ/
...it makes a (binary, of course) gender distinction for pronouns despite not having one for anything else
...the grammar doesn't define relative clauses of any kind, nor an imperative of any kind
...the vocab is completely arbitrary strings of syllables assigned to the wordset of basic english
OK wat

plastic waste gore 

@sirjofri printer is a prusa i3 mk3s and I'm using prusaslicer with the correct settings. I think I built the machine wrong somehow or there's a calibration issue, but more waste is created in the debugging of exactly what.

plastic waste gore 

the choice to try and persevere with the 3d printer, as I already had the files for using it, is starting to feel more like a mistake. Fully recalibrated the machine and have the same problems. And the pile grows. Beginning to re-reconsider making a case from wood. Or cardboard. Or anything at this point.
I wish I could love 3d printing. Turn any home into a workshop! Manufacturing power to the people! But I can't when this is the outcome in practice.

holy shit this course site made me pay $49 to get a test for it and it was a fucking automated test
I didn't get my certification because I worded an answer differently to the exact version the test was expecting
futurelearn is a fucking scam

I wore some queerer clothes I like more! And I didn't get hate crimed!
successful day!

fedi, I'm interested in learning electronics, but don't know anything about electricity aside from the difference between current and voltage. Does anyone know a good introduction course (free or not) that can help get me up to speed on that, that isn't like a full-blown, electrical engineering degree but does get to at least some detail?

just made some updates to my website and gemini capsule, mostly aesthetic. anybody got any problems w/ it send me a message

Implemented .theme support across the Uxn tools(Nasu, Noodle & Left). Nasu can export .theme files with ctrl+p, each project can have its own theme file.

decided to start using pomodoro for personal projects as well as work
going to track how long I actually spend on my bs

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