today I learned of the "Gyrobus", an electric bus used in switzerland in the 50s and 60s that, rather than a battery, used a spinning flywheel to store power. It had a tiny range and was inefficient and unreliable, but I still love the idea.
got grid output from uxn now too! ready to call it a first release. The video only shows basic output, but all output commands are supported!

grid and uxn, best friends
(well, not quite. It's input only. But a start!)

aaaaand stichfix fails at the first hurdle. I legit would love a service like this if it could actually like respect me

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this is what i mean by "awful messy code" if you didn't believe just how bad it gets

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finished my DIY monome grid clone! Wrote up a page about it and a page about the problems with 3d printing. Looking forward to making some weird programs and weirder music with this thing :D

plastic waste gore 

the choice to try and persevere with the 3d printer, as I already had the files for using it, is starting to feel more like a mistake. Fully recalibrated the machine and have the same problems. And the pile grows. Beginning to re-reconsider making a case from wood. Or cardboard. Or anything at this point.
I wish I could love 3d printing. Turn any home into a workshop! Manufacturing power to the people! But I can't when this is the outcome in practice.

a very tiny orca/sunvox jam. I wanted to record the whole thing but forgot, so here's a little bit of what resulted. space vibes I guess?
Sorry the audio's crunchy, need to figure out how to do non-terrible video/audio compression for masto.

speaking of random music jams, here's one from last night! melody is improv and I am bad at improv but I think this is kinda cool.

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I got my rank on!
C+, which is not a good rank, but a good start!

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