been thinking more about cross platform GUI and thinking more about how it's kinda never going to be as good as actual native GUI

a better option is to have a cross-platform core and platform-specific GUI layers
this would also allow for CLI versions, TUI versions, web versions...

although ofc it is a lot more work to maintain so I see why people just use qt instead

@nihilazo Yep...especially because in my experience, designing well-defined cut points is one of the hardest parts of designing a system. It's a lot easier to make things work than it is to build things in a meaningfully decoupled way, maintaining a reasonable separation of concerns.

It is inherently more complicated, but in my experience it's also one of the skills people most often struggle with. Or, maybe it's that as a system gets more complex, separation of concerns is the first "hard" thing you run into.

And, it's easy to skip - you can just make a worse product that's good enough, or just keep dealing with all the bugs and maintenance headaches, and everything still _works_, so it's not a skill you're forced to learn.

It probably won't surprise you that I think it is nonetheless one of the most important skills a developer can have 😅

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