been trying to get into ffxiv recently and I just feel like this is not my thing
my experience so far is of vising nice worlds, speaking to cool looking but kinda boring characters, watching my frame rate tank when I go to the lower decks of limsa and doing boring quests

I want a game that is easier to understand than a MUD but more chill and quirky and actually interesting than a mainstream MMO
any recs?

@nihilazo limsa is so busy all the time :( not to try to sell you on it if you're set on giving it up, but the beginning (like... 60lv+) is super slow and not amazingly written. it takes hours to get to the good stuff so i don't blame you for being discouraged. i hope you were at least on free trial still

@Hexephre I don't have enough patience to grind through a game where it takes hours to get to the good stuff, I'm sure the good stuff is super good but I just don't have the time and effort to play boring parts of games

@nihilazo i totally get that. unfortunately i don't have much other mmo experience but i wish you luck in finding a game tha suits your tastes and time availability!

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