every now and then I want to learn stenotype. It's a recurring interest for me that I never really commit to learning but I want to


at some point I will learn steno
because I do really want to
but it's hard
also the last time I tried was before I got an ortho board
so I have a more fitting board now
might print some steno caps too

maybe not steno
maybe a one handed chording board
just from curiosity
(I remember an open hardware 8-key one hand board but I forgot the name)

@nihilazo Steno is cool! I have a buddy / coworker who is one of the maintainers of Plover, so I have learned enough about it that I can reliably solve WORD/*L even if half the time I don't know what words I'm guessing word-l.herokuapp.com

I don't think I'd ever have the patience to learn it for real though. I have enough trouble buckling down and learning emacs, haha

@SpindleyQ steno is really complex, maybe I'll try learning asetniop or that other one handed layout I have forgot the name of, I know @avalon was doing stuff with it? (can you help me remember what it's called?)

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