so I think I've figured out the word "goth" at this point bc it is confusing

gothic is a literary and architectural style that gave birth to gothic horror
goth (1) is a music style that emerged from post-punk and the subculture that developed around that style
goth (2) is a suffix used for fashion styles w/ dark and/or occult elements, inspired by goth (1) and gothic horror

some goths (1) dislike goth (2) due to thinking they're pretending to be goth (1) even though they aren't

it is possible to be goth (1) and wear clothes that are goth (2) but not all goths (1) wear clothes that are goth (2) and not all people who wear goth (2) clothes are goth (1)

this nonsensical post bought to you by the "finding a way to not invalidate "-goth" fashion styles while still respecting the goth subculture" gang

@nihilazo curiously, emo (1) and emo (2) work in a similar way (although it's very rare for people to be both)

@nihilazo And then there are the extinct Goths who spoke Gothic.

@sennomo oh yeah, them too! But they're not relevant specifically to goth (1) vs goth (2) so I left them out of the toot

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