I have mixed thoughts on "People don’t want to run their own servers, and never will". On the one hand, it's true. Running a server sucks and is wayyy too much effort for a user
on the other hand, maybe there could be some way that running a server could become easy
like, if ISPs gave every household connection a static IP and there was some way in typical router firmwares to serve stuff from your home router, that would allow lots of folks to have a server

although the problem there is that maintaining a home server and the security side of things are still a pain in the ass even if the barrier to entry is low
there's a reason why running servers is an entire career for a lot of people
because it's a pain and needs a lot of knowledge

@nihilazo it would be nice if you could just have a website on your router with no skill beyond 90s equivalent html

@nihilazo a good chunk of iot stuff is people running their own servers.

I mean, that’s not encouraging when you think about all the security problems iot stuff has, but they are doing it.

@nihilazo fritzbox/avm has an integrated usb disk filesystem, and their own dyndns-like service with a loooong random domain name. It even has some user management.

This, plus some optional cname could do some basic cloud storage at home.

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