I really want to love windowmaker but it seems to just be crumbling around me as I use it, which is a shame because I like the UX. Might try adding a dock and replicating some of this on fluxbox but windowmaker made me realise how much text based configuration is a bad meme and having a graphical, discoverable config system is SO MUCH BETTER

I feel like the linux community's fetish for text and keyboard-based interfaces ignores the fact that actually, as a user, clicking through something and being able to explore it is helpful and having to edit config files by hand is often annoying compared to toggling a switch. And don't get me started on how many "keyboard-driven" WMs there are (it's a graphical interface based on pointing at things and moving them around! Computers have a peripheral designed exactly for this!)

so much of the "lightweight", "minimal" and "customisable" software for linux is based on this terminally vim-(or emacs-)brained idea that the keyboard is better than the mouse when there are many things that the mouse just does better, or that somehow a config file (or even, god forbid, editing C source and recompiling) is a good user experience rather than just having an ACTUAL SETTINGS MENU


bonus bullshit points if your config file is actually in a serialisation format rather than a config format
*stares in JSON*

@nihilazo openbox does this and doesn't have an official GUI settings editor

@nihilazo JSON isn't even bad, some things use YAML, which is just, nope, get off my system right now, I am not configuring anything in YAML

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