I really want to love windowmaker but it seems to just be crumbling around me as I use it, which is a shame because I like the UX. Might try adding a dock and replicating some of this on fluxbox but windowmaker made me realise how much text based configuration is a bad meme and having a graphical, discoverable config system is SO MUCH BETTER


I feel like the linux community's fetish for text and keyboard-based interfaces ignores the fact that actually, as a user, clicking through something and being able to explore it is helpful and having to edit config files by hand is often annoying compared to toggling a switch. And don't get me started on how many "keyboard-driven" WMs there are (it's a graphical interface based on pointing at things and moving them around! Computers have a peripheral designed exactly for this!)

so much of the "lightweight", "minimal" and "customisable" software for linux is based on this terminally vim-(or emacs-)brained idea that the keyboard is better than the mouse when there are many things that the mouse just does better, or that somehow a config file (or even, god forbid, editing C source and recompiling) is a good user experience rather than just having an ACTUAL SETTINGS MENU

bonus bullshit points if your config file is actually in a serialisation format rather than a config format
*stares in JSON*

@nihilazo openbox does this and doesn't have an official GUI settings editor

@nihilazo JSON isn't even bad, some things use YAML, which is just, nope, get off my system right now, I am not configuring anything in YAML

@nihilazo > keyboard is better than the mouse when there are many things that the mouse just does better

funny enough, the biggest unix weenies agreed with you… and made acme

@nihilazo slight critique though; this is entirely subjective: > good user experience rather than just having an ACTUAL SETTINGS MENU

i prefer my commandline flags and config files to my settings menus, just easier for me to reason around

@nihilazo a good settings is much harder than a half decent file

@nihilazo granted; fuck json, fuck yaml, fuck xresources, fuck config.h

@eris @nihilazo and that’s why i’m here to introduce…


void ststtngs(Stgs_t* st) { st->fnt = "balls"; ... }

@eris @nihilazo oh my, i can’t wait your memes are some of the spiciest on the planet

@Lucretia-Matt @nihilazo im not good at doing the fancy text memes so its just a text post sorry

@eris @nihilazo i don’t actually need a tshirt; it’s just a saying like “on paper” or “set in stone”, no one actually has paper or stone anymore that’s ridiculous

@nihilazo it's elitism and machoism. yay STEM, not misogynistic at all, never
@nihilazo GUI settings menus are good, but imo they should only be a front-end for a config file

@nihilazo I think most people also build for their preferences
Some people are mouse users and some are keyboard users and the user-made software style of GNU/Linux results in people kinda forcing one or the other on you lol

@nihilazo I would argue that the mouse is not objectively better, like for example I often find it easier and faster to navigate things with a keyboard and edit config files

But that doesn't mean it should be the only way, because to some people I know using a mouse is easier

Which is why I think config GUIs shouldn't be the only way to configure things, but rather an optional graphical way to edit the config files for those who don't want to edit them manually

@nihilazo I do agree, partially, but I value having control over what I do, not hidden under thousands of lines of abstraction (what GUIs are). not always though, sometimes it's just a pain in the ass

Reading through the documentation to find out what the valid options for a setting in a config file is needlessly time consuming.

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