puredata patches get very messy quickly and supercollider feels overcomplicated and even after watching and reading hours of tutorials I can't get my head around it.
Anybody got other recommendations for things for building bits of unusual audio/music software without having to do all that tedious mucking about with lower level DSP?

my only real requirement is that it run on linux and is (preferably) free. I should probably actually learn supercollider but working in supercollider feels like I'm fighting against it. Maybe I just haven't learned to "think in supercollider" yet.

@nihilazo this is what I initially built soundpipe for. It's a collection of decent quality audio DSP algorithms ready to go. I wrote it with musicians and sound designers in mind:

I ended up writing a stack based language on top of it called Sporth:

Once I started thinking of sounds in a stack-based way, I never looked back.

My current music systems I've built for myself are distant relatives of these.

FWIW, after all these years, I still can't grok SuperCollider.

@paul @nihilazo whoa, sporth seems great! (now i can make sense of it :)

@sejo FYI, a while back someone made an online version of Sporth, and made my Sporth cookbook interactive. Hopefully it all still works:

@paul @nihilazo i'm having some fun with it in between classes, i love it!

@nihilazo what kind of work flow, processing, or sound form do you intend?

@sciss this is just for general stuff, but largely I like writing strange synth/sample things that I can play with my monome grid.

@nihilazo puredata has been giving me friction for other reasons for a little while now, but I keep going back to it because I haven't found anything else suitable (also I know it and time passes). I'm putting in a bit more effort with Faust though, and it seems like it might do the things I want --

@nihilazo have you considered modular synths? you don't build software with them but you can somehow build new instruments that can definitely lead to unusual audio and music.

VCV Rack is a decent implementation of the modular approach and it's free in all meanings. There are thousands of plugins, most of them are just modules, but a few ones go further, like this one:

I'd recommend to try it.
However, given my negative personal experience on the official forum, I also recommend to be careful before investing one's time and effort in supporting the project itself and its developer.

@pixelflowers modular is really cool but I'm specifically looking for something else, I still think vcv is fun though!

@nihilazo I recently learned about this :
I haven't tried it yet but I want to.
Seems like a cleaner, more usable variation on PureData.

You might also want to check Sunvox?

@narF yeah, those are both cool but more specifically modular synths, not as flexible as pd is (with pd essentially being a programming language). But still really fun.

@nihilazo Ah yeah, I see. You know about Sonic Pi I suppose?

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