looking at the pile of failed plastic prints and test parts on my desk and starting to feel like 3d printing might not be the best technology
Restarting building my grid case, this time by hand using my dad's woodworking tools and knoweldge
Real Skills are good to have instead of letting a machine fail over and over again

update: I don't have the ability or patience to make this thing by hand, too many small square holes that needs to be accurate
* keep going with the 3d printer (and probably create more failed prints and plastic waste)
* abandon ship
* get something machined professionally (probably expensive)
* phone in a favor with a hackspace (I have no cred with hackspaces toget that)
so...yeah :(

tried with the 3d printer again. Attempting to change colors (not even material types, just color of material) and the thing somehow gets blocked, all methods I try to unblock it don't work, and I'm told I need to buy a new tool I don't own and that *might* solve the problem


really feeling like this is bad tech
(the printer is a prusa mk3s so it's meant to be like, a good reliable machine. Not even a bad printer)

in the course of this project using the 3d printer (and this is completely normal 3d printer use, not anything especially bad) I have created almost 200g of (unrecyclable, as my recycling won't take PLA) plastic waste in test pieces, failed prints, parts that didn't fit bc of things that couldn't be forseen in CAD etc. And now the machine refuses to even print after I try and change the filament color.
fun shit.
fuck 3d printers.

if this thing wasn't my dad's I'd sell it and use the money to buy a set of hand tools and some good lessons so I can make stuff "the old fashioned way" using simple tools that won't die on me all the time and creating the minimum of waste that is completely unreusable in any way

@nihilazo i have a box of 3d printer parts, but i think its only going to be useful if its modded to do things other than 3d print ^^

@nihilazo maybe just kindly ask a hackerspace for help then? Which plastics do you use? Some plastics like PLA are almost biodegradable if taken to a proper recycling center, and are made of plants.

@sirjofri yeah, I need to find a place that processes PLA properly - I wouldn't feel bad about 3d printing if I knew PLA was being disposed of properly, because it is less bad than other plastics. But it only degrades under specific conditions and most composting/recycling places don't meet those conditions.

@nihilazo you can still put it in normal bio waste and wait 50-60 years or something like that 😂. Sad that some people literally think they can just bury PLA in their garden and it's degraded in a year or so...

@cblgh yeah he said he wouldn't do it lol
said it wasn't something he could do

@nihilazo @cblgh do you have a picture of what the enclosure is you are trying to make?

@liaizon @cblgh sure it's for my monome grid clone, here's some openscad screenshots of it. It could be different to this in design but the basic part that is hard to do by hand is the huge grid of holes (each hole is for a 10mm square button pad)

@nihilazo @cblgh there is a woodshop here at the commune I am staying at and people here are mostly living on what they can make with their hands. I can pass this along and see if anyone has interest in making this out of wood for a rate that is affordable to you. There is a long history of instrument making here so its something someone here might be excited to take on.

@sirjofri 3d pens aren't super usable for precise stuff, although they are fun toys.

@nihilazo well. You need training, but can then do pretty amazing (and precise) stuff, especially when combined with a soldering iron

@nihilazo look for 3d pen art on youtube. There's lots of stuff out there

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