The Amfora #gemini CLI browser is really lovely. I can see why @HexDSL and @uoou are always banging on about it.

@ChrisWere @HexDSL @uoou very good indeed! Two little problems: no search in text function and not configurable keybindings

@fnt400 @ChrisWere @uoou key binding config is in git version and in page find is next thing in road map I think.

@fnt400 Isn't it wonderful to have a comprehensive choice in browsers, despite this protocol being so new?

It really allows for people to find a comfortable fit, I think.

@ChrisWere I'm waiting for an ereader gemini browser. I think @nihilazo is working on a Kobo version.


@fnt400 @ChrisWere yup, although you shouldn't get your hopes up too much - it remains a buggy mess currently.

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