We spent a grand total of 3800US$, for two people, this year.

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That can't cover food. How do you feed yourself? Is there a lot of foraging going?

@puffinus_puffinus It does cover food, it's pretty much our only expense. In Fiji, a week's worth of fresh market is about 40$?

@puffinus_puffinus This might help you make sense of how we did it.

We spent 3 months at sea with 0$ spending, we spent 2 months anchored by a beach onto which grew almost 100% of our fresh produce needs. We would buy flour and rice every few weeks.

@neauoire Ah okay, that makes sense. I was imagining most of the money went into the boat (maintenance etc). Do you grow stuff onboard during your time at sea? How do you manage food while travelling?

@puffinus_puffinus We don't eat meat, fish or dairy. They wouldn't keep since we don't have a fridge anyways.

So we eat mostly dried foods, so have 6 types of grains, 8 types of legumes, 6 difference sauces, 4 kinds of oils. We keep these stocked up in ports. We catch and filter rain water.

@puffinus_puffinus we spent 400$ in maintenance, we had to change some lines on the boat that started to rot.

@neauoire @puffinus_puffinus
what about the ~10k repairs in NZ you covered on the blog? was it last year?

@tomasteck @puffinus_puffinus yeah that was 2017. We didn't do any large project this year. We bought rope(halyards 400$) back in Feb.

@neauoire I get that all this has been worked out for centuries now. I'm interested in the modern approach though.

Growing sprouts (mung bean, alfalfa seeds) might be useful for having fresh food during long voyages. You can store them and sprout them only when you need them.

@puffinus_puffinus We don't grow sprouts, we sometimes do guerrilla gardening on deserted islands, like some sailors will plant potatoes somewhere, tell us, we pick them, plant more for the next person, etc.

Sprout takes a lot of fresh water, which we don't have a lot of. And they rot instantly. Instead, we pickle things.

@neauoire @puffinus_puffinus
I wonder if you could pick up a reverse-osmosis filter to provide more fresh water? Or would that be too difficult/costly to maintain?

@InvaderXan @puffinus_puffinus And they break all the time. A lot of the fancier sailboats in our fleet are always delayed waiting for parts for their damn water filters.

@neauoire @puffinus_puffinus
Ahhh, ok. I was just curious. I don't actually know much about them.

@InvaderXan @puffinus_puffinus Running rain water through coffee filters and a tablespoon of chlorine makes good potable water. 100r.co/pages/off_the_grid.htm

@neauoire @puffinus_puffinus
That makes sense, given how much dust gets blown up into the atmosphere. I know a lot of dust from the Sahara ends up as fertiliser for the Amazon...

@neauoire Guerrilla gardening sounds great! I highly approve.

Impressive. I guess not having rent or utility bills dramatically reduces your expenses?

@InvaderXan Once you have no rent to pay, and food grows all around. Life kind of just .. slow down.

@neauoire Excuse my ignorance, but what are you doing about power?

Is the boat fully wind-sailed + solar for electronics?

@teknari No problem, let me know if you have any more questions :)

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