We need a good ol fashioned peasants revolution. Maybe some real guillotines.

jeff bezos could change the world using this One Weird Trick (dying)

"There’s wrong and there’s right.
It’s time to take action against the forces of evil."
-Willem Van Spronsen.

i think a ruth ginsburg machine would be the opposite of a rube goldberg machine

10 water protectors blocking entrance to MVP work site in Montgomery County, VA β€” they've had the entrance blocked for 2 hours! #nomvp #nopipelines #noacp #stillhere

Very Important, but: death, fascism 


A penny saved is a penny earned! Unless you are a member of the CryptoPennyβ„’ nano-investment club. Once enrolled, every penny earned gets "invested" with our patented QuantumScytheβ„’ penny harvester. We don’t know how it works AT ALL, but 7 out of 10 times when you reconstitute the penny you get a second β€œshadow penny” that behaves just like a normal penny only angrier. Limited space, sign up today!

prime day is any day that's a prime number of days since January 1st 1970

anti-ICE action/Enterprise Holdings (rental vans) 

Redneck Problems:

My truck was making a weird clunk ever time I went around a fast turn.

Checked everything, couldn’t find the problem. Today I looked under the passenger seat because I dropped something

The previous owner had left a cast iron cornbread pan under the seat

gore, violence and nazis 

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