I highly recommend artbreeder (formerly known as ganbreeder). It is a website that uses deepdream neural networks to create images. Unlike style transfer which is cool but unless used in subversive ways just copies other art, artbreeder allows you to create totally new images from realistic to totally abstract or disturbingly in between.

It really feels creative and is the neural network equivalent of walking along a beach and collecting seashells you like.


uncanny valley 

nuclear fusion levels are currently at 100% but fluctuating wildly

(100%) ■■■■■■■■■■

just bought some plane tickets back to New Orleans and the list of genders vs the list of "name extensions" they support is quite stunning.

libido? is that where you walk really low down under a stick and there's cool music

just gotta beat the utter shit out of domestic violence. choke it the fuck out. push domestic violence down the goddamn stairs.

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