Watching a rerun of Total Request Live from March 1999 on youtube. Thoooose weeere the days.

Woooo my steam deck is in the mail! (totally didn't completely forget that it existed until I got the email that it was ready haha)

My fortune cookie had a nice message tonight: "Do it now! Today will be yesterday tomorrow."

Dogwood blossoms look pretty weird when they're just starting out.

Fee fie fum fo, I'll grind these beans to brew my joe

Listening to 311 - Down on cassette tape, imagining I'm driving a honda civic with a surfboard strapped to the roof

Aww, my tape of Dino Jr. Where You Been is irreparably melted from sitting in a hot car 😭​

Listening to some old Grateful Dead tapes I got at a garage sale.

Palo Alto 73 Eyes of the World is sooooooooo gooooooood

Figure skating: Men's downhill.

Hoping that's a real event and not just a typo on the schedule

Is 3 hours from civilization close enough? I don't know if I want to make a life in this town, so far from all I know.

Got my old boombox from my parents' house. Sorry to my upstairs neighbors if you don't like listening to my Luscious Jackson tape all night.

ok this one's pretty great too: Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. covers "Summer Babe" (omg that polyphonic portamento on the SK-1 (swoon))

best cover of the millenium (so far) First Aid Kit - "Tiger Mountain Peasant Song"

I think I've finally decided to finally try to start to do the thing I've thought I've wanted to do for years and years but have always been too afraid to do, except probably this time I'll also (and again) end up being too afraid to follow through with doing this thing I've been thinking about wanting to do since I found out it was a thing that could be done. Diddly.

Sitting here eating smurfs, and I guess they're just... sugar flavored? Haribo is phoning it in.

Great customer service from verizon today: I was on hold for two hours and then they hung up on me. 😢

When worlds collide: I found a sour patch kid in my box of jujyfruits today. Yes, I ate it. Tasted pretty strange without the sour coating.

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