Sitting here eating smurfs, and I guess they're just... sugar flavored? Haribo is phoning it in.

Great customer service from verizon today: I was on hold for two hours and then they hung up on me. 😢

When worlds collide: I found a sour patch kid in my box of jujyfruits today. Yes, I ate it. Tasted pretty strange without the sour coating.

A Short Hike is such a cute game! The charity bundle was worth it just for that.

Seven years later and I'm still sad they replaced lime skittles with green apple.

Arachnid pic 

listening to Khruangbin makes me want to start a band, but I can't decide if I wanna play bass, or drums, or guitar

First I get real smart, and then I stoop it up

The new Invader Zim movie was pretty excellent.

Had a frozen raspberries and nutella sandwich on a sub roll for dinner. Maybe it's time to go to the grocery store again.

Pour one out for the caramel apple empanada.

Current mood: inconsolable.

Spotted the first lightning bug of the year 🤩

I feel like such a jerk for applying to a job I didn't want in California just so I could go to Disneyland when they flew me out for an interview.

I love it when you pour the hot water directly on the tea bag and it blows up like a balloon.

Today I tried putting a chocolate chip cookie in the toaster oven to remelt the chips. It worked! :blobtea:

I wish the fox outside would stop screaming so I can get some sleep.

Eating an undercooked pizza cuz I'm too hungry to drive back and complain.

Now listening (xmas mode) 

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