Ver. 2. Couldn't find the exact shade of lavender among the paper packs, approximated in paint.

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what the what....
πŸš€ TILDE WHIRL S01E07 πŸš€

with special guest @vilmibm

Yes yes we're fucking with time. Because of my travel schedule, the 12th came late and the 24th came early. What are you complaining about, you get two episodes in one week!!



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the second song compilation is now out!! 50 minutes of excellent noise music from our lovely community!

check it out

1k origami cranes in light of the pandemic 

A member of the Italian origami society has started an initiative asking people around the world to fold an origami crane, as a symbol of unity.

The goal is to fold 1000 cranes, after the story of Sadako Sasaki and the thousand paper cranes.

Feel free to share the link.
Stay well.

:tilde: zine issue 3 is now out! Get it hot off the press here:

Thanks to all our contributors! Shoutouts to @cpb and @benjaminwil who helped make this release happen. Townies who would like a print copy at no extra cost can also ask them for details.

Recently I've been catching up a bit on my to-fold list:

- T-Rex, design by Inoue Takaya
- Snail, design by Jun Maekawa

Also added some boars a while back after moving a few things around. The ones below are designs by Seiji Nishikawa (black) and Marc Vigo (brown).

Folded a little Year of the Boar . These two are designed by Hideo Komatsu and Gen Hagiwara. More to come when my ~ page gets an overhaul. πŸ˜…

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Pixelfed federates now! πŸŽ‰

Merry Christmas fediverse. #pixelfed

(2/2) The long-tailed tit is adorable, aside from being an open-back model. I may re-fold it again.

- Lorry, designed by Mark Bolitho
- Chimpanzee, designed by Quentin Trollip
- Sphinx, designed by Yoo Tae Yong
- Long-tailed Tit, designed by Kyohei Katsuta

(1/2) Wrapping up for the year, here are the last of the dogs, plus an assortment of things. Folded +/- 40 different dogs this year, mainly for the zodiac.

- Chihuahua, designed by Hiroaki Kobayashi
- Dog, designed by Sergey Yartsev

Both from the 2018 OrigamiUSA Convention Book.

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my generative concrete poetry zine, Shadows is complete! featuring:

- all of the poetry I've created this month
- four pages of meows
- nine pages of not-meows
- over fifty thousand words!!

download it here:

A few recent folds:

- Tea Plate, a traditional model that can be used to hold teabags, candies, etc.

- Pig, design by Nguyen Hung Cuong

- Roaring Lion, design by Wu Mi


A few months ago, abraxas spotted a pekingese[1] and was excited about making it from larger paper. He liked dogs and origami.

With c0nstant0[2] in the background yesterday, I folded one in his honour.

[1] Designed by 212moving from "Chinese New Year Origami 2018", published by the SAOC.

Folded a few spinning tops. Starting points are 3 tops (photo 1), introduced by Jo Shimoda (left) and Manpei Arai (right), that share the same basic structure.

The Shimoda and Arai versions are distinguished by the base width, handle height and alternating colours on the underside of the base. The rest are variants that look a bit different when spun.


More dogs.

- Kanji the Dog, design by Richard L. Alexander (in black/white)
- Evie, design by Jason Ku (in brown)
- Akita, design by Tetsuya Gotani (in yellow)

Would people find it helpful to have occasional links to instructions, as applicable? e.g. if people want to try folding.

I seldom do modular (lack of attention span), but cubes are just barely within reach. πŸ˜…

Borromean Cube and Colored Pencil Check Cube, designs by Jun Maekawa. Each cube is assembled from 6 units. Photos with the "pencils" pulled out/pocketed.

Chair, design by Erika Matsui. It can probably seat a minifig.

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