@karlen Mate! Summer 11s season has begun! My Thursday team has 2 wins so far, both 7-1 blowouts! Wonderful set of players to play with.

yesterday i added this little self care box to my .bashrc and forgot about it; was very happy when it popped up on first log in today. cybre.space/media/2tC0VWf-uRmZ

@tildetown @vilmibm I may have a runaway process killing ~town, and it may have caused it to come to a complete standstill. :( (I'm really, really sorry!)

I feel like I've lost my god damned fucking mind today. No real reason, I just feel off today.

@insom Your feels post digs deep in my heart, man.

I enjoy 2017 tilde, but I do miss 2015 tilde, too.

I always attempt to get "marcus" as a username wherever I can. When that fails, I use the number assigned by hotmail when I had an account back in 1994: marcus316. Typically, I can usually get that if marcus is taken. That hotmail email was sadly deactivated a couple years ago.

I'm ... not very creative. :P

@karlen Had a great 11s game last night, mate! We won 4-0. I put a corner right to my brother's head for the 2nd goal, and I buried the 3rd top corner off a rebound.

Just keeping you in the loop, man, hope things are getting positive for you.

From IRC:
14:12 < marcus> !talklike marcus
14:12 < pinhook> How's tricks? hi jumblesale! hi karlen!

@jumblesale, @karlen I miss you, mates! Hope all is well!

RPi Zero W kits ordered. Now, to figure out some projects to do with the kids. :D

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