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Calling and emailing takes all of 10 minutes. But if you're especially lazy, you can also complete the form here (it's not as specific, but gets the idea across.)

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Dear Senator,

I'm urging you to support S.2992 - American Innovation and Choice Online Act.

Big tech platforms abuse their monopoly power to to stifle competition, which leaves internet users with less choices for the services they use online. This bill would restore competition by preventing tech monopolies from "self preferencing" on their own products at the expense of competitors.

We need this bill to pass before the August recess. Can you tell Chuck Schumer to bring it to the floor?

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Look up your representatives contact info here:

If you call, leave your zip code.

If you email, here's a script you can draw from:

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This bill aims to prevent big tech companies from "self-preferencing" their own products at the expense of competitors. It has bipartisan support and a good chance of passing, but... some senators might chicken out because they don't want to take a risk in an election year. We can help them get the message by flooding their inboxes and voicemail.

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We have a chance to pass antitrust legislation for tech monopolies! Call and email your senators, and tell them to support S.2992 - American Innovation and Choice Online Act.

More info in thread. Please boost. ❤️​

We are halfway through the first track from tildetown jazzband. Nobody but me has heard the combined track so far. It's incredible and I can't wait for the rest of the parts to come in.

- not *that* kind of compression

- allie is cool, you should watch her channel

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Monday April 4th is Antitrust day. If you're in the US, call your representatives and demand passage of American Innovation and Choice Online Act. It's a bipartisan bill that restricts the anti-competetive tactics of big tech platforms.

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might be worth buying this while you can. before they only accept payment in the form of v bucks.

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they finally interviewed legendary musician Laraaji on That Site That Kickstarter Runs But Is Still Good Somehow and I aspire to have just a fraction of his chill.

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just uploaded my tool to let you make an embedable bandcamp-style player for selling music on (or anywhere you can embed html+js+assets)

i run it through gscan2pdf to do OCR on each page. spectacular results.
btw, this book is from an 80s vegetarian cookbook, and its awful. got it for the weird cover.


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