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video is done after more than a year in the making. i am in total relief, like how it feels when you've finally thrown up the food that was making you nauseous all day.

new conlang. a priori personal language with goal of being plausibly naturalistic. no grammar or morphology yet, very few words at this time. feedback welcome.


back to Barfield.

i never see Barfield mentioned in lists of weird garfield stuff. it's like everyone forgot about it. i always fear stuff like this will disappear from the internet. thank goodness for wget.

show Elbe Spurling some love. she also did the brick bible. (bible depicted with legos)

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the "weird garfield" internet phenomenon dates to at least as early as 2006, to this thread on the Truth and Beauty Bombs forum.

this thread spawned the silent garfield meme (comics improved by removing garfield's speech bubbles), the garfield minus garfield meme (later exploited by Dan Walsh in 2008), and "garfield has crazy eyes"

even before this, there was the garfield shuffler in 2004. it goes way back

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as for what the oldest one is, i'm not sure. but this image was posted to a bbs in 1989.

does that count? well it's not really the internet. also, not really weird enough.

no im wrong its actually way too weird.

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what i'm scraping today: Barfield Loses his Lunch by Elbe Spurling (NSFW - bodily functions, bestiality, & death)

the "weird garfield" meme is still going strong today. but it has a long history on the internet. this came out in 2008, and it's not the oldest example by a long shot.

us politics 

Do you live in the US? Care about voting rights? Got 5 minutes?

Go here, and put in your phone number. Demand that S1 be passed, fillibuster be damned.

I know harassing people on the phone sounds like a karen thing to do, but it works sometimes. Please join me in being a karen for justice.

i'll give up general purpose computing when they pry it from my cold dead hands

us politics 

Phone banking again. Did you call your senators and demand action on voting rights, filibuster be damned? Ask to pass two bills: S1 for the people act & john lewis voting rights act

us pol 

had fun phonebanking with The Workers Circle to urge action on s1 For the People Act. They are doing another live call event next tuesday if anyone wants to join.

Or if you have just a few minutes, call your senators right now. Leave your name and zip code, and then say "I urge the senator to change the filibuster so S1 can pass." Emails are nice too.

i've been calling / emailing like every day. history has shown that if we annoy them enough, they will cave.

Does anyone have experience on archiving digital data with M-Disc DVD or Blu-Ray (archival optical format designed to last 1000 years)

Also, do you think it's worth preserving any of my files, considering that all is vanity and vexation of spirit, and there is no profit under the sun? That there is no remembrance of former things and neither shall there be any remembrance of things to come? That all are of dust and return to dust again?

DM me if you want to start a David DeCoteau fan club.

another gif from old bbs shareware cd (i think).

i'd love to know what's going on here. fractal? some kind of tessellation? all over my head.

imagine how long it took to make this. how long it took to conceive of this. or maybe it just comes naturally to the person who did this.

no good search results for gemetrica design in berkeley ca, so the artist is a mystery

cleaning out an old HD and found a bunch of gifs with ancient timestamps. i must have downloaded an old bbs shovelware cd. i'll post some of the best. this one says its from 1988.

i like the style. not pixel-perfect like a video game; not realistic like photoshop. feels like a painter's attempt to transfer their brush skills to the mouse. probably deluxe paint.

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