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the perfect gift for the drum machine programmer in your life.

(an analysis to follow. check the replies)

same guy. digital computer this time.

i feel like this was done on a vector display. can anyone confirm? some stuff like colors and double exposures were most likely done in post.

music is from 'A Rainbow in Curved Air.' good album

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One of the first computer* animated films, made throughout the 50s and released in 61:

*mechanical-analog computer

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poietic generator session with a random who also got there by clicking wikipedia links (marked sensitive for stylized body part)

the backgrounds from shining force 2 look deliberately less cartoony.

reminds me of that vaporwave gimmick, where every scene suddenly looks mysterious when you take people out of the foreground.

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what i'm scraping today:

so much work goes into game backgrounds, but you aren't meant to notice them.

A year ago, I tried to replicate the limitations of Sega Genesis / Megadrive music with modern synths. The results sound like an old video game, but not like a Megadrive. None of my virtual synths were a perfect match for the YM2612.

What I'm scraping today:
Every issue of anti-humor comedy zine, "Army Man.' Some big name comedy writers had their humble beginnings here. Read about this years ago and had no idea there were scans out there.

now sitting on a treasure trove of sim cities.

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